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What Schools Are Saying About Us

Brainstorm Productions dedication to anti-bullying in schools was recognised in the Channel 10 documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’ to coincide with the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Here is an excerpt from the documentary, including interviews with teachers and students about how Brainstorm Productions provides schools with real-life strategies to help students stand together against bullying.

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Bullying/Cyber Safety, Yrs K/P-6 

quoteBrilliant!! Students were highly engaged. Actors were fabulous! Sets were simple but effective. Story and characters were at the right level of understanding and related to their lives. Would definitely recommend this to other schools. Supports Anti-bullying Policy, Peer Support, Health, Personal Development and Religious Education. 10/10end quote 

Our Lady of Fatima, Caringbah

quoteHighly recommended! Supported our 'Circle Time’ and general philosophy about being a friend and caring for others. Terrific young, self sufficient, polite actors. We have had Brainstorm here for many years and everything about Brainstorm so easy. Thank you! 10/10end quote

Early Childhood Counsellor, Redlands

quoteOutstanding! Loved it! Children were entranced and will take away what they learnt and use it. Actors were fantastic and professional! Contained clear, explicit messages that students were able to discuss in detail afterwards. Supports Personal Development, Habits of Mind, Anti Bullying, Staying Safe, Interpersonal Skills. 10/10end quote 

Cammeray Public School

quoteBrilliant! Enthralling! Actors were outstanding! Maintained every child’s attention for the entire performance, including kindy! Children said it was ‘awesome, excellent, interesting, intriguing, loved it!!’ Children showed empathy towards the characters. Computer game theme is definitely appropriate to today’s concerns including Facebook and internet safety and bullying. Great messages about positive feelings and behaviour. Thank you! 10/10end quote 

St John Vianney Primary School

quoteAwesome! Interesting! Inspiring! Exciting and fun! Children were transfixed and the message was loud and clear. Actors were committed, professional and related well to the children. 10/10end quote 

St Paul's Camden

quoteAwesome! They were very clever. Taught us how to be good friends.’ (students) ‘Children were completely engrossed! Actors were thoroughly engaging and captivated children’s attention from start to finish. Fantastic content presented with enthusiasm and confidence. Great mix of drama, movement and song. Q&A was great because they had a natural connection with the students. Supports Anti-bullying, PDHPE, PBL and Technology. 10/10end quote 

Richmond Public School

quoteGreat opportunity to expose the children to live theatre, appreciate the acting skills, set design and to use their imaginations. Q&A helped children to recall and remember key ideas and relate the real life situations they may face or are facing. Very thorough Teachers Resource Pack, with song and IWB activities, helpful ideas and follow up discussion to reinforce teaching points. Supports our School Discipline Policy and Rules, CAPA (Drama), English (Persuasive Writing), Bounce Back Program and PDHPE. Thank you!end quote 

Beacon Hill Primary School

quoteWould highly recommend this performance to other schools. Children were mesmerised! Highly entertaining and engaging, convincing, topical, helpful. For many children this was the first time they had attended a theatre performance. Fantastic work! We all loved it! Thank you! 10/10end quote 

Mt Crosby State School

quoteExcellent, relevant, topical, powerful messages. Content was current, appropriate for the here and now. Young professional, organised, enthusiastic actors were great role models. Supports Internet Policy, ICT, School-wide Positive Behaviours System, Personal Development. Students said ‘It made us use our imagination,...very very funny.....very well choreographed .... taught us about what can happen on the internet......rules for friendship...liked the music and the message.....awesome!’end quote 

Kuluin State School

quoteThis is one of the best anti-bullying performances I have ever seen! Completely appropriate for this age group, engaging and lots of current issues addressed. So much talent and energy. Outstanding acting, fast paced, slick!! Great reinforcement of concepts of friendship! Outstanding, comprehensive Teachers Resource Pack. Supports our Anti-bullying, Cyber bullying, PDHPE curriculum. Thank you!!! 10/10end quote 

Lindfield Public School

quoteThis was the best! Awesome! Good energy in the performance, excellent messages. Students were totally engaged. Supports our Wellbeing and You Can Do It behaviour curriculum. Highly recommended. 10/10end quote 

St John Bosco School

start-quoteIt was awesome! Impressive! Great! Told you what to do if you got bullied... Gave you the message to do as you are told, about privacy settings, don’t tell lies and be a good friend. Relax take a breath count 8 9 10 put your hands in your pockets til you’re calm again. Song was really fun. Loved it!!end-quote 

Students, Holy Trinity School Inverell

start-quoteFantastic! Amazing!’  ‘I learnt a lot about bullying’ ‘Don’t lie’ ‘ Be buddies with everyone’ 'Be nice to each other’ ‘Not what you look like but what’s on the inside'.end-quote 

Grade 2 students, Tooradin Primary School

quoteHighly recommended! Excellent. Loved the presentation, imagery, music and relevant content. Linked directly to what we had been doing in class, keeping information safe. It had great messages. Supports our cyber safety, values and ethics curriculum. 10/10end quote 

Pulteney Grammar School

quoteHighly recommended! Supports our Health/Mental Health unit. Performance is linked with self esteem and cyber smart material. Thanks for a timely and rich performance. These kids now have tools to save lives. 10/10end quote

Emmanuel Lutheran School, Gawler

quoteHighly recommended! Supports our bullying, behaviour management. Creative, well presented, students were engaged, relevant language for kids of today. 10/10end quote

St Joseph's School, Clare

quoteFunny, entertaining, 'cybertastic', taught me to not go online without asking, true friendship, don't give out personal information on the net. 10/10end quote 

Students, St Mark's College

quoteYou gotta be nice to your friends. That was cool! Fantastic performance.end quote 

Students, St Michael's College

start-quoteHighly recommended! Very engaging. The disk of friendship was an excellent link to the continuity of both the story and the interest of the students, they were intrigued to see it appear and they remembered the titles easily! 10/10end-quote 

Tyndale Christian School

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Saving Lil and Archie

Cyber Safety/Digital Citizenship, Yrs K/P-6

quoteEntertaining, engaging and addressed cyber bullying and many issues facing pre-teens. Engaged a large group of kids with a range of interests and maturity. Young actors were very organised and communicated effectively with students. Supports Welfare, (relationship with peers, appropriate behaviours) PDHPE and Bullying and Cyber Bullying policies. 10/10.end quote 

Lennox Head Public School

quoteHighly recommended! Performance demonstrated the range of struggles and emotions people have at different stages and lets them know the options they have in life. Sends a strong anti bullying message. Thank you. 10/10.end quote 

St Francis Xavier Ballina

quoteBrilliant job engaging the students with their enthusiasm. The messages-following instructions, bullying and what to do if it happens came through clearly in an interesting and creative way. Children enjoyed and joined in with the song, actions and the wonderful discussion. Loved it! Supports Cyber Safety, Inquiry Learning, Literacy, ICT. Fantastic young actors. 10/10.end quote 

St Joseph’s Warrigal

quoteStudents fully engaged, liked interactive actions. A fun way to send very clear messages about bullying, useful and practical strategies given to deal with bullying. It forced bullies and victims to reflect on their actions. Powerful, valuable revision at the end.  Highly recommended!end quote 

Wheeler Heights Public School

quoteEnthralled!!Totally engaged!!!!Loved the actions and interaction! Kids were switched on, interested and entertained! Age appropriate relatable topics and messages: internet safety, screen time, friendship, bullying. Excellent blend of current lexicon with valued concepts. 10/10end quote

Baden Powell College

quoteOutstanding! Awesome! Clever! Fantastic! Fun! Interesting! Loud! Brilliant! Funny! Sad! Fantastic messages!end quote 

Students Warragul Public School

quoteExcellent! Kids absolutely loved it! Nice to see their little faces and wide open mouths! Entertaining! Messages portrayed really well. Great storyline. Supports Child Protection, ICT General Capability, Wellbeing and Cyber Safety. 10/10

Reidy Park Public School

quoteExcellent! Children were mesmerised, tuned in, attentive, interested and found it credible. Very connected to ‘real life’ situations occurring in children’s lives today. Reinforced awareness of ‘positive actions’ and responsibility on and offline. Highly recommended!end quote

Lalor East Public School

quoteGreat thank you! Children were engrossed: they sang along, did the actions, got involved, loved the interaction and technology used in the show. Students said they ‘loved it’,’ were ‘facing similar problems,’ and ‘learnt how to connect with people’. Young actors were fantastic, polite, punctual, energetic....super! 10/10end quote

Yarraville West Public School

quoteThanks for another brilliant Brainstorm show! Kept a big range of children entertained and engaged. Excellent teaching about life ‘on-line’: desensitisation, mimicking what’s on TV, Americanisation, peer pressure, rude and illegal content, forgiveness, anger management, cyber bullying and logging off.end quote

St John’s Lutheran Public School

quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, powerful. Students were laughing, focused, happy, involved and fascinated. They thought it was 'awesome and cool', and felt they became aware of the impact of cyber bullying. Wow! Superb way to get the message across. Extremely effective and interactive. A great balance of dancing, singing and acting, Loved the song! Consolidated messages during discussion at the end. Thank you. 10/10!end quote

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

quoteEnthralling! Relevant! Dealt with bullying and appropriate internet use. Fantastic story and song. 10/10!end quote

Lismore Heights Primary School

quoteStudents were engaged throughout the show, back in class they raved about it! Supports our PD/H/PE curriculum and Bullying policies. Highly recommended. 10/10end quote

Tuncurry Public School

quoteHighly recommended! Loved it! Students were keen to ask questions about police issues, healing and understood the concepts. Very professional, engaging and worthwhile! Post performance material looks great! 10/10end quote

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Students were enthusiastic in their responses to questions following the performance. Supports our drama, music, welfare and personal development curriculum. Enthusiastic presenters made an engaging and outstanding show for all students. The messages and theme was well received / understood and age appropriate. Thank you!end-quote

Wallsend South Public School

quoteHighly engaging, energetic performance with a strong and clear message. Music and sound effects were awesome. Discussion at end reinforced main points. Supports our literacy and ICT - Cyber safety curriculum. 10/10end quote 

St James the Apostle

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Bullying/Respect/Exclusion/Problem Solving/Resilience/Values/Student Wellbeing, Yrs K/P-6 more info

quoteOutstanding! Clear message, highly engaging storyline, funny, energetic, entertaining, interactive and enjoyable. Children said: ‘lt was fantastic, funny, loved the music, joining in and getting up on stage, dancing, the messages and that it explained what bullying is about'. Excellent Q & A. Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Tooradin Primary School

quoteHighly recommended! Fantastic! Really engaging with clear messages. Great role playing for modelling real life friendship and exclusion/inclusion experiences. Supports Social and Emotional Health. Material in the teachers pack was good to prepare the students. They loved the song/actions. Very professional young actors. Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Sacred Heart Catholic College

quoteAmazing, outstanding, terrific, fantastic, spectacular, cool, funny, interesting! We loved the way William and Hayley greeted us at the door!end quote 

Students - Rosewood Downs Public School

quoteHighly recommended! First time we have ever booked Brainstorm. A huge relief to have performers come in that were 100% well prepared and deliver a highly engaging, appropriate performance that was well targeted with clear, positive messages. Many opportunities for further discussion which proved the children had retained all the messages. Supports our Anti-bullying, Internet Safety, Positive Relationships policies. One of the best incursions I have ever experienced! 10/10.end quote 

Beverly Hills Public School

quoteBest that I have seen relating to bullying issues. Children loved this performance and were totally engaged throughout. Loved the raps, chants, songs and music. Actors were perfect: young, friendly, organised and respectful. Supports Social Skills, HSIE, Anti bullying and Welfare programs.Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Mosman Public School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Characters were brilliant, believable, and messages were clear and well presented. All elements were covered. Even the year 6 children who aren't the easiest to engage, were engaged and laughing. 10/10.end-quote

Goonengerry Primary School

start-quoteStudents were highly entertained by the performance. Support material is a great stimulus for discussion. Supports our behaviour management policy and school rules.end-quote

Yeppoon State School

start-quoteWow, the show captivated, engaged and entertained the whole school. Students and staff. Keeping the attention of primary aged kids is always a challenge and this pair of professionals sure stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! Supports our bullying and social emotional learning program.end-quote

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Really engaging performance that kept all children focused on storyline and entertained for the entire time. 10/10end-quote

Kingsgrove Primary School

start-quoteBest I’ve seen! Excellent content and script, totally corresponds to DET values and attitudes. Entertaining reinforcement of bullying issues and respect for others and yourself. Children were glued to the performance. 10/10end-quote

Alstonville Public School

start-quoteStudents responded well to anti-bullying message and felt empowered to stand up for themselves, have empathy and respect. They enjoyed the music, dance and humour. 10/10end-quote

Emu Plains Public School

start-quoteVery professional, well planned performance, actors were outstanding. Respect is one of our school values and the performance incorporated this value very well.end-quote

Surveyors Creek Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Kept all staff and students totally focused and entertained. Loved the emphasis and reinforcement of values we are discussing in class. Thoroughly enjoyable!end-quote

Scorseby Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Entertaining, professional presentation delivering the message of respect, resilience and acceptance of others through drama, dance and music. So engaging for students and teachers. 10/10end-quote

Mount Ousley Public School

start-quoteGreat role models! Gave simple strategies for conflict resolution, problem solving, assertiveness and having empathy. Loved the CD. Highly recommended!end-quote

Angle Vale Primary School

start-quoteThe music, dancing and humour engaged the students and teachers. Excellent use of key words to teach students the language of resilience, respect and feelings. Linked to our Personal / Interpersonal Learning and Wellbeing curriculum, and the 'Stop Think Do' program.end-quote

Good Samaritan College

start-quoteGave powerful messages about dealing with people - all students able to be involved by singing and doing simple actions. Tied in perfectly with our anti-bullying week. 10/10end-quote

Methodist Ladies College - Junior School (VIC)

start-quoteEntertaining in school performance with strong themes that challenged the students to consider their attitudes to peers. Kids were perceptive to the characters and enjoyed the interaction.end-quote

Prince of Peace Lutheran College (QLD)

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The Magic Words (Not Currently Touring)

Values & respect at school & online/Relationships/Cyber Safety, Yrs K/P-6 

start-quoteSupports our 'treating each other with respect' and ' speak to please, not to tease' policies. The pre / post performance information was excellent and very useful.end-quote

St Joseph's Primary School, North Ipswich

start-quoteIt was funny! The magic words are very important if we want something. The show reminded us about using manners!end-quote

Students, St Joseph's Primary School, North Ipswich

start-quoteExcellent presentation, impressive performance. supports our ICT agreement, cyber bullying, positive behaviour policy. Great interaction with students, story, props and costumes. The music at the beginning really helps to capture the attention of those involved. It really drew the more tricky kids in. Highly recommended.end-quote

Blackmans Bay Primary School

start-quoteThe Brainstorm Performers were enthusiastic and gained the interest of the children very quickly. The students were very enthusiastic and as shown in follow-up activities, understood the concept. The program fitted in very well with our PD and peer support programs.end-quote

Bowral Public School

quote Great anti bullying messages about respectful, appropriate use of technology were clearly modelled and effectively delivered. Students were engaged, interested, challenged and entertained throughout the performance. Supports Behaviour Management policy and procedures. 10/10.end quote 

Mundingburra State School

quoteHighly recommended! Students completely focused, receptive and enthralled! Presented in an appealing imaginative way. 10/10.end quote 

Aitkenvale State School

quoteThank you!!!! Great! Captivated audience from start to finish! Loved the ‘secret to success’, the ‘happometer’ and the need to use manners as part of the storyline. Children loved it: their responses showed great listening and engagement. Supports Values Education, Social (and self) Behavioural Management. Personal Development, ICT, Cyber safety, Multiculturalism, Social and Emotional learning. Thank You! 10/10.end quote

Trinity Anglican College

quoteI’ve been teaching for 25 years and this show was one of the best I’ve ever seen! Great! Awesome! Fantastic! Astonishing! Hilarious! ‘The Magic Words’ supports Wellbeing, Behaviour Management and Skills program, Cyber Safety, Bullying, Wise use of IT and assists students to be respectful, successful, happy and organised. 10/10.end quote 

Redlynch State College

quoteBravo!! Brilliant show! Students were enthralled and connected with the characters, interacted and were highly engaged AND they were given strong in the one show! Thank you! An excellent show! 10/10.end quote 

Tolga Public School

start-quoteBrainstorm actors were friendly, approachable and professional. Our school has thoroughly enjoyed all in school performances from Brainstorm. A great resource for schools!!!end-quote

Mater Dei, QLD

start-quoteEncompassed organisation, getting along, persistence, confidence and resilience.end-quote

Warrnambool Primary School

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Student Wellbeing/Bullying/Motivation/Positive Behaviours,Yrs K/P-6   

quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, funny, enjoyable and physically active! Students were highly engaged by the performance and impressed by the set, sound, audio and costumes. Actors were able to relate to the boys and get the message across effectively and with humour. Supports our Anti bullying program, Cyber safety and Positive thinking. Very professional young actors who were appropriately behaved, punctual and well presented. Thank you!end quote 

Padua College

quoteAbsolutely brilliant! Loved it! Realistic! Great concepts! Fabulous talented actors. Awesome! Magnificent, fun, amazing, calming, exciting, perfectly pitched and informative! Supports Values, Digital Citizenship, Healthy Choices, anti bullying, Brain based Learning, Positive Mindsets and cyber safety .10/10.end quote

Lindisfarne Anglican College

quoteCaptivating!!!Great music and songs, positive messages about good choices. Energetic, lively, good storyline cleverly presented. Students thought it was ‘excellent, funny, enjoyable, learnt heaps.’ Loved the ‘Strong Mind Strong body message. Young actors were friendly, skilled role models. Thank you! 10/10.end quote

 Tamborine Mt SS.

quoteKids loved it! Very entertaining! A great show that gives children a message that lasts for life-the action to go with the ‘Positive mindset’ gave them a reminder link. Repetition and actions reinforced the key messages about positive behaviours, social skills and health. Amazing backdrops! Young actors were lovely, welcoming and organised. Good background notes, lesson sheets and song download that gave me lots of ideas. Highly recommended!end quote 

Jones Hill State School

quoteStudents (and staff) loved it! Great mix of song, dance, visual aspects, sound effects, which helped consolidate the important messages! Children sang the catchy song for days afterwards and enthusiastically took in the meaning. High energy, informative, up to date, well paced, clear diction, clever techniques, well written, professional, enthusiastic performance. A great combination! Question time reinforced the key concepts. 10/10”end quote 

Tyndale Christian College Adelaide

quoteCaptivating, high energy, dynamic, appropriate, current language, fantastic catalyst! Brilliant! Great IWB Teachers Resources I downloaded from your website to use as follow up. Supports Health, Technology, Critical Literacy English and Advertising. 10/10. Children said: “Excellent because they tell us how to be kind and safe and healthy and not eat too much junk food and keep fit! Sensational cause I learnt lots of stuff!end quote 

Grange Primary School Adelaide

quoteHighly recommended! Brainstorm Productions are always super professional, relevant enjoyable and engaging for all! Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

St John Bosco School Adelaide

quoteHighly recommended! Great integration of social, emotional and physical health issues. High energy! Students thought it was different, funny, and learnt lots of information about real problems kids have. Supports our School Anti Bullying Policy, The Arts, Music, Drama, English, Health, Social Studies and self esteem, feelings and healthy eating. Extensive follow up IWB Teachers Resources. Loved the song and the dance. 10/10.end quote 

Seaview Downs Primary School Adelaide

quoteKids were in awe! Totally in the H Team Zone! Actors were dynamic, energetic and grabbed the kids attention. Great script! Great message! Kids loved the song and we all did the dance and talked about making wise choices! Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Active Kids After School Care, Lismore

quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, entertaining! Successfully covered anti bullying, social media and healthy and unhealthy options, feelings, belonging, internet safety and ICT. Thank you!end quote 

Port Pirie West Primary School

quoteRiveting!! Zappy!! Slick!! Relevant, realistic, fantastic, interesting, factual information to use in everyday life. Messages clearly articulated, students joined in the song and answers in the Q & A showed they had taken in the information about healthy eating, sleep, screen time, positive relationships, positive mindsets, bullying and caring. Active, energetic, fun, worthwhile and value for money. Actors were amazing and the content was fantastic! Brilliant! Couldn’t fault it!!end quote 

Grange Primary School

quoteSuper! Professional! Children said 'Best thing I’ve ever seen, amazing, funniest ever, loved it ,great message!!!’ Great how the bullying message was weaved throughout! Fantastic! Students engrossed for the full hour and generated lots of follow up discussion in the classroom. Supports Kidsmatter, Wellbeing, Cyber Safety, Health, Relevant, fabulous, entertaining, energetic, enthusiastic. We’ve downloaded the song and went back to class singing! We need you permanently in the yard!!! 10/10.end quote 

Victor Harbour R-7

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 Sticks and Stones Side (Primary School Version - not currently touring)

Bullying/Positive Relationships/Cooperation/Resilience/Student Wellbeing, Yrs K/P-6 more info

start-quote Fantastic! Engaging! Great! Absorbing! Relatable language, scenarios and strategies to deal with bullying and aggression. Liked the inclusion of social media. Loved the discussion at the end to demonstrate their comprehension of the skills and solutions. Definitely think this show will help our kids make positive changes in their lives at school and at home. Loved the juggling, balloon to demonstrate anger control, rap and humour whilst learning: bullying is hurtful and we should co-operate and work together. Supports our School wide Positive Behaviour system.10/10end-quote

Sarina State School

start-quote Really made students think! Funny, fast paced, engaging, entertaining and enjoyable! Realistic, common scenarios and issues that resonated with many children. We will use the song to reinforce making good choices. Supports PBL, Wellbeing, Drama, School rules. Thank you! 10/10end-quote

Mundingburra State School

start-quote Fantastic! Best anti bullying show I have ever seen! Engaging, contemporary, relevant to today’s society, great acting and role playing. Thanks for the teachers pack and lesson plans - catchy song! Supports “You can do it!” PDHPE, Wellbeing. Young actors were professional, punctual and absolutely positive role models!end-quote

Ross Hill Public School

start-quote Fantastic, professional, excellent role models, great acting! Role play is a great tool and will recreate some scenes as learning experiences. Will realise there’s no need to get aggressive. Students were engaged, really listened and had great responses. Fits in with our Shine, Values, Peer Support, Co-operating and PDHPE, ‘Getting Along Unit’ and how to be a good friend. Great male singing role models too! Great language and explicit cues - will use in all classes including my special needs. 10/10end-quote

Sandon Public School

start-quote Humour, impressive juggling, singing, physical skills - best way to get difficult issues addressed. Definitely will help students understand the cause and effect of their angry feelings. Very polite, organised, helpful young role models. Do you perform to parents with their children - brings up parental attitudes and actions which best support education and awareness and change. Supports PDH, RE, Science, Music and Drama. 10/10end-quote

Holy Trinity Inverell

start-quote Brilliant! Fantastic performance, entertaining with great messages with real life examples and strategies. Students said: ‘I’m going to try new things...I learned some new ideas’.  Will definitely help students make changes in their lives particularly with further reflection using the Resource pack. Great projection and singing voices! Loved the rap and song. Thank you.10/10end-quote

Ben Venue Public School

start-quote Excellent in-depth messages about conflict resolution and bullying, beautifully scripted and performed. Stimulated discussion, loved the singing and tricks. Spot on! 10/10end-quote

Avondale Primary School

start-quote Awesome! Cool! Don’t fight. Speak out if you’re being bullied. Solve your problems by working together. Treat others how you want to be treated. Counsellors are there if you need to talk. Say NO to bullying! end-quote

Forbes Primary School – Students

start-quote Great way to teach conflict resolution and values. Excellent anti-bullying strategies!end-quote

Good News Lutheran School

start-quote Sticks and Stones was a highly relevant in school performance in that it dealt with difficult issues. Gave the students workable strategies for handling bullying, anger and fear. Thanks!end-quote

St John’s Lutheran Primary School, QLD.

start-quote Very positive response from students, they learnt not to fight, but to walk away and keep their hands in their pockets. The script, upbeat pace of the show, music and gymnastics captivated the children without taking away from the overall message of the show ie how to deal with anger. Supports our You Can Do it program, anti-bullying policy and student wellbeing.end-quote

Berwick Primary School VIC

start-quote Magnificent performance! Students were completely engaged and they loved the acrobatics, tricks and songs. It fitted in with our school values and FISH philosophy.end-quote

Trafalgar Primary School VIC

start-quote Highly recommended, promoted brilliant strategies for anti-bullying! 10/10end-quote

Cathedral School, Bathurst


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TP logo for sidebar (Not Currently Touring)

Cyber Safety/Exclusion/Friendship/Social Skills Yrs K/P-6  more info

start-quoteKids loved the super heroes! Highly recommended. Examples of bullying were situations the children could relate to. Lots of great information and strategies to handle bullying, presented in an entertaining fun show. References to social media were relevant and age appropriate. Supports Student Welfare, Anti-bullying and Positive Behaviour for Learning policies. 10/10end-quote

Franklin Public School

start-quoteBrilliant! Fabulous engagement! Entertaining, fun, fast paced with a great message. Brilliant actors, highly motivated, interacted well with the children. Very well informed on the topic of bullying. Kids will remember to ‘Freeze and breathe and walk away’ if someone teases them. Loved it! 10/10end-quote

Cathedral School, Bathurst

start-quoteCaptivating! Energetic, engaging, interactive! Issues of bullying very relevant to today's society. Reinforced techniques to stop bullying. Loved all the mottos and catch phrases, and follow up questions that consolidated understanding. Super hero theme very appropriate. Loved it! Thank you! 10/10end-quote

Our Lady of Fatima, Caringbah

start-quoteHighly energetic, engaging, articulate! Multiple strategies to deal with bullying. Loved the song and great range of level-appropriate lesson plans and activities. Actions with verbal cues reinforced the strategies about cyber bullying and cyber safety - 'Tell, Block, Delete'. Friendly professional actors. Very good product. I would highly recommend to other schools.10/10end-quote

McAuley Catholic College

start-quoteHighly recommended! Interactive, energetic, excellent  messages. Super hero theme very effective. Great song and debrief! Supports Personal Development, Child Protection, Student Welfare, Friendship, Bullying and Cyber bullying.end-quote

Manly Vale Public

start-quoteHighly recommended! Wonderful, highly effective performance that showed awareness of the age and needs of students. Engaging, entertaining and easy to relate to. Excellent strategies. Supports  PD/H/PE, Social Development, Anti-bullying and Student Welfare policies.10/10end-quote

James Erskine Primary School

start-quoteFantastic! Thank you! Great content and messages and ideas for children who are being bullied. Students remained engaged throughout. Good way to demonstrate strategies to show how to combat bullying. Amazing timing! 10/10end-quote

Ross Hill Public School

start-quoteBrilliant work! Excellent performance! Great strategies to cope with and to conquer bullying. Great emphasis on cyber bullying. Children listened intently! Thoroughly enjoyed the show and gave teachers like myself further tools to teach PD/H/PE and associated curriculum. Well presented, enthusiastic actors. 10/10end-quote

St Edmunds Primary School, Tamworth

start-quoteFantastic messages and strategies that students can use on a regular basis! Linked particularly well with the PDH Unit my class is doing this term. Pre-performance pack allowed me to prepare the children and learn the actions! Audience interaction was excellent. 10/10end-quote

Sacred Heart Central School, Cootamundra

start-quoteMy Year 3 students had a blast! Some of them have been trying the strategies. Performers were professional, well prepared, energetic, engaging and great with the kids. Certainly got the messages about friendship and cyber bullying and being kind and helpful. Links to our Drama, PDHPE, Getting Along with Others and anti-bullying programs. 10/10end-quote

St Catherine Laboure Primary School

start-quoteThe students really enjoyed the performance. Preps took in some of the important messages, especially the shields. It was a great, light hearted presentation, thank you! Supports our cyber safety and anti-bullying policies. Great presentation, thanks!end-quote

Albany Rise Public School

start-quoteStudents were engaged, identified messages clearly, participated, had lots of comments and were full of praise. The follow-up activities were a perfect match for current content on cyber bullying and building resilience. Supports our health, cyber safety, anti-bullying policies, wellbeing, arts, drug education, RE, language curriculum. The performance was fantastic, thank you! Actors were brilliant. The performance was so slick and interesting it had students fully engaged the whole time. High energy, messages were constantly reinforced. Highly recommended. 10/10!end-quote 

St Simon The Apostle Primary School, Rowville

start-quoteFollow-up material fits really well into PD/H/PE syllabus and covers aspects of the school's core values, drama (creative arts), and English (listening and comprehension). The students from K-6 were all engaged in the performance and responded enthusiastically when asked. An excellent performance. Highly recommended!end-quote

Boambee Public School

start-quoteHighly recommended, 10/10! Students loved it -'awesome', 'amazing', 'interesting' '10/10'. They were doing the actions and singing the songs and related to the scenarios. We used the follow-up activity 'assertive', 'aggressive', 'passive' - it was very relevant. Supports our social skills, cyber bullying, welfare, student engagement, ICT, You Can Do It, resilience, confidence policies. The performance was just the right length.end-quote

Eastbourne Public School

start-quoteStudents had high levels of engagement, happy to sing along and participate in the performance. Interactive (smartboard) follow-up material was great. Children enjoyed playing games. Supports our anti-bullying policy and PD/H/PE. Overall it was very entertaining. Students walked away with great anti-bullying strategies. Highly recommended, 10/10!end-quote

Prairievale Public School

start-quoteStudents were completely engaged throughout the show, loved the music and actions. The expressions on their faces showed how much they enjoyed it. Supports our anti-bullying policy, You Can Do It program and PD/H curriculum. Thank you for presenting a great show that students can relate to and giving them positive ways to react to bullying. Actors were energetic, friendly and flexible. Highly recommended!end-quote 

Warners Bay Public School

start-quoteBrainstorm actors did a fantastic job! Students responded well to the use of humour. I thought the students were able to draw out the main ideas being taught. The tools given to the students are practical and can be easily implemented.end-quote

Macarthur Anglican College

start-quoteReally great! Well done, clear, funny. So much enthusiasm by the actors. They included the audience and the kids loved it! Follow-up material is a great resource, helped prepare the students beforehand. Supports our school values and behavioural policy, Health/PE, child protection and wellbeing. Highly recommended, 10+++++! Continue on doing what you are doing!end-quote

Burton Primary School

start-quote10/10, loved it! Dynamic, really clear message that was relevant and applicable to our children's lives. Children were really engaged. Really supported our existing curriculum - language/terms were accurate. Fabulous follow-up material, lots of ideas and age appropriate. Performers were highly skilled and did a brilliant job!end-quote

Hallett Cove School

start-quoteThe students were engaged by the clever staging and creative script ideas from start to finish. It got a very important message across in a way that the students could relate to.end-quote

Woolgoolga Public School

start-quoteTeaches us not to be rude and bully". "I liked the shadow play". "I liked doing the song and the dance". "It was great!end-quote

Students, Plympton Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Delivery was outstanding, message applied to every student, very relevant, linked to real life situations.end-quote

A.B. Paterson College

start-quoteSupports our Anti-bullying program, Achieve, Health and PE, and Cyber Safety policies. Acting and use of voices was excellent. The presenters were friendly and knew how to interact with the students.end-quote

Minlaton District School

start-quoteHighly motivational script that was received so well by all the students, they have been talking about it a lot! Covered very important areas of concern with bullying. Excellent, keep up the great work!end-quote

Talara Primary College

start-quoteStudents were engaged throughout the entire school performance. They enjoyed the actions taught and were repeating them after the show.end-quote

Warragamba Public School

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Being Brave Logo (Not Currently Touring)

Resilience/Emotional Health/Bullying/Sadness/Change/Student Wellbeing, Yrs K/P-6  more info

quoteLoved it! Students were fully engaged at all times. Very age appropriate. Children could connect to each of the examples of bravery. Actors were professional throughout. Highly recommended. 10/10end quote

The Junction Public School

quoteStudents were extremely engaged throughout the whole performance - laughing, attentive, surprised. All the scenarios were relevant to our students' lives. I think your show made them realise that they're brave without knowing it! Gave students great strategies. The talk after the show was a great way to reinforce the themes and for students to make personal connections. Actors answered questions honestly and related answers to the performance, making it real! A good starting point for students to start discussing these issues. Teachers' pack was a fantastic resource. Very worthwhile! 10/10end quote

Hinchinbrook Public School

start-quoteGreat way of describing and reinforcing components of our anti-bullying policy. Just the right amount of humour and serious discussion.end-quote

Forbes Primary School

start-quoteExcellent message through a very entertaining performance. Captivating! A very good boost to our anti-bullying program.end-quote

Murray Farm Primary School

start-quoteThank you for a fantastic performance! Great messages about being brave, overcoming your fears and being sad, taking a risk, talking, crying and letting go. Covered many issues and circumstances that our students are coping with in their daily lives.  The positivity the characters showed our students that there are better ways to deal with things that ‘don’t go your way.’ Supports our approach to emotional learning specifically our focus on developing a Growth Mindset. 10/10.end-quote

Mandama Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Cool costumes, loved use of technology, awesome singing & dancing. Students related to character who is in a separated family and lives away from his father. Supports our PD & Health and Positive Relationships curriculum. 10/10.end-quote

Frederickton Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Dealt with serious issues such as family break ups in a child friendly way. Great humour and small breaks to ensure students were consistently engaged. Dealt with real world situations and provided students with ideas about how they could deal with a variety of situations in a positive way. Supports our PD/H/PE, Kids Matter, Religious Education, Seasons for Growth policies.end-quote

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School Fairfield

start-quoteHighly recommended! Children were engaged and entertained. Great discussion about issues raised and how these were resolved. Encourages children to use their voice and be proactive when struggling, seeking support eg during divorce, death and bullying. Supports our PD/H/PE and Pastoral Care.end-quote

Redlands NSW

start-quoteFantastic show dealing with issues that are so relevant in todays world-interactive, but lots of fun with a great age appropriate messages. Will have appositive influence on their view of self, self esteem and confidence and understanding how bravery comes in many forms and the importance of being resilient. Brilliant actors-well done! 10/10.end-quote

Baulkham Hills North Primary School

start-quoteKids gave it 100% Great appropriate content. Best of all the acting was terrific! Children totally ‘got it’ because they could relate to the realistic examples in the storyline and messages. Highly recommended!end-quote

Wahroonga Public School

start-quoteLoved it! Totally engaged for the entire show-thoughtful responses after the show. Humour is the way to kids hearts! Lovely talented young performers.10/10.end-quote

Yarraville West Primary School

start-quoteGreat actors...loved the were completely engaged...clear messages....funny and meaningful. Each character gave strategies students could use to manage emotions, problem solve difficult situations. Song at the end was an excellent way to reinforce the message. Social stories and role play portrayed different situations children face in their lives and how they may feel and respond to them. Fantastic acting-high energy production! Thank you! 10/10.end-quote

Westgarth Primary School

start-quoteHighly Recommended. Our students were fully engaged, the costumes were bright & the performance energetic. Good storyline and powerful message, the kids loved it! They liked the symbolism of letting the birds go. It provided a celebratory conclusion and good reminder of the values covered in the Positive start program.end-quote

New Gisborne Primary School

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 HG side(Not Currently Touring)

Cyber Safety/Bullying/Harassment/Peer Pressure/Cyber Footprint, Yrs 7-10  more info

quoteWonderful! Situations were realistic, relevant and appropriate for our cohort. Well scripted, dialogue spot on! Some humour but focussed on serious issues some of the girls have experienced this year and many more they may need to deal with in the future. Q & A was really beneficial for the girls to voice their questions, opinions and further clarify. 10/10.end quote 

Mentone Girls Secondary College

quoteFantastic, relevant themes: Loss of focus with school work, alcohol, peer group pressure, cyber bullying, consequences of poor behaviour, resilience. Excellent discussion afterwards- apologising is the first step to healing. Characters were, very real, engaging and appealing. Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Flinders Christian Community College

quoteI loved it! All students highly engaged. Loved the music, choreography and changes in pace. I felt the content was very relevant to the lives of teenagers and conveyed in a very dramatic and modern way. Supports anti bullying, Welfare, Health, Drama, ICT policies. 10/10end quote 

Mt Waverly Secondary College

quoteLoved this!......I got it!...That was great!.....Fabulous actions....clever moves..... It’s happened to me.....Can we get them again?end quote 

Students St Ignatius

quoteExcellent! All year 8 were actively engaged. Pitched at appropriate level raising realistic issues (social media, reputation, safety) and personalities they will have encountered. Actors were enthusiastic, used appropriate language that students use and offered solutions which were later discussed in the Q & A. Supports Student Wellbeing, Anti bullying, Health. 10/10.end quote 

Belmont High School

quoteFaultless! Students enthralled and captivated throughout. It’s the quietest I’ve ever seen them! Fits perfectly with issues we have been dealing with in our guidance lessons. 10/10.end quote 

Merewether High School

quoteEntertaining, funny, engaging, relevant and lots to think about. Great way to deliver an at times tough subject. Actors were east going and approachable and made the kids feel at ease as soon as they entered. Great energy and commitment. Highly recommended!end quote 

Orara High School

quoteStudents were totally engaged and loved every minute, laughing, feeling empathy for the characters. Language, topics were relevant and the young actors were in tune with today’s youth. Supports Anti Bullying, Cyber Safety, PDHPE and Welfare policies. 10/10.end quote 

Hoxton Park High School

quoteFantastic final message! ‘Don’t play’! (nasty hurtful games). Good messages and info about mental health, cyber bullying, digital reputation and respect. Students highly engaged and responsive. Their questions demonstrated the performance was highly relevant and resonated well with their experience and understanding. Young actors were absolutely professional in all respects. Looking forward to the next performance! 10/10.end quote 

Port Macquarie High School

quoteHighly recommended once again! Relevant, engaging, well presented performance that taps into significant issues using engaging scenarios, language, music and content. I like the way your shows are constantly updated and evolve every year. Students got the message ‘Bullying has a big impact and there are positive ways to handle things.’10/10.end quote 

St Pauls High School Port Macquarie

quoteStudents loved it! Thank you for a high quality, polished, creative meaningful performance. Loved the message at the end. Very relevant to young people today. Young, professional, fantastic, friendly, engaging actors.10/10+end quote 

Caloundra Christian College

quoteBrilliant! Actors were true professionals –students really related to them. I was constantly watching the year 7-10 audience (including our students from the special unit)and they were engaged the entire time-that’s super impressive! Q & A follow up was fantastic! Kids said it was ‘Great...awesome...really good....sick!’ Supports our PE/PD/Health , Society and Culture, Anti bullying and Welfare Programs.end quote 

School Counsellor Orara High School

quoteSpot on with issues encountered by our year 7 students and that will challenge them over the next few years. Students were engaged and responsive throughout. Thank you for the interactive post performance activities that I was able to distribute to teachers. Lovely professional young actors.end quote 

Psychologist- Copperfield College

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Verbal Combat side

Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying/Social Websites/Texting/Exclusion, Yrs 7-10  more info

quoteOverwhelmingly positive response! High level of concentration interaction and pleasure from the audience. Engaging, informative! Fresh, up to date script and perfect blend of education and entertainment tailored to address youth issues of 2014. Show is vibrant, music brilliant and soundtrack slick! Q & A at the end was a real eye opener about the realities of cyber bullying and supports our Positive Psychology and Resilience Programs.end quote 

Adelaide High School

quoteHighly recommended! Relevant and up to date. Students really empathised with the characters and scenarios. Excellent Q & A that engaged the students in sensitive topics and important content with humour . Actors were friendly, approachable, organised, punctual and passionate about their message. Supports our Anti bullying and Cyber Safety, Pastoral Care, English, Drama and Humanities curriculum. 10/10.end quote 

St Aloysius College Adelaide

quoteHighly recommended! Content was relevant and informed the students of the dynamics involved in bullying and gave helpful strategies. Thoroughly enjoyable! Actors were personable and professional. Supports our Personal Development, Restorative practices and Anti bullying policies. 10/10.end quote 

Psychologist - Melbourne Grammar

quoteAmazing! Well done! Great interaction with the kids! Students gained a good understanding of the content and concepts covered. Students faces during the discussion inferred that it had really struck a chord. Discussion of consequences was excellent. Young actors were confident, friendly, flexible and professional and are great role models who present really relevant information. Highly recommended! Thank you!end quote 

Urrbrae High School

quoteThought provoking, engaging, appropriate, identifiable references, clever content and well researched. Students very attentive and enjoyed the humour but still got the subtleties of the cyber bullying themes. Students were involved with the characters and found them believable. Actors were adaptable playing a variety of roles, picked up on the culture of the students and conducted a valuable Q & A. Highly recommended! 10/10.end quote \

Mount Waverly Secondary College

quoteGreat to have a story rather than ‘do this’ or ‘do that’...... seeing a performance makes it easy to understand...... It was really ‘moving’..... the music interpretation was awesome....the voiceovers were really effective....great characters...bullying effects other people’s lives....fabulous play.....very entertaining.....looking forward to their next changes were amazing.... liked the way they stayed in character and focussed..... story line was very appropriate....good job....helps us understand what bullying really is and how it affects people.....100/10...yes that's right. 100/10.end quote 

Students Ogilvie High School

quoteImaginative way of portraying real life issues and universal life lessons that affect young people: manipulation, relationships, peer pressure, cyber bullying. Great advice: keep a copy of messages, report buttons, don’t divulge passwords or personal information. Very professional performance! Even though students were sitting on the floor they were attentive and engaged. Highly recommended!end quote 

Yolla District High School

quoteHighly engaging, insightful, amusing, entertaining performance with relevant language, issues and messages. Strong actors that displayed intense emotions and reactions. Really excellent work. Supports out bullying and Harassment policy, My Friends Youth, Pastoral Care. Highly recommended! 10/10.end quote 

Cranbourne Secondary College

quotePerformance was well paced, relevant, funny and tackled real issues facing teenagers. Topical references to pop culture gave it an extra degree of realism and students certainly enjoyed not being patronised or pandered to. Really had the students hooked from start to finish. Talented, polite, friendly, professional, convincing actors. Support material superb-students learnt even more about ‘what goes on’. Deconstruction at the end was handled extremely well. Supports Pastoral Care, Anti-bullying, ICT, Humanities, Religious Studies, Health and Physical Education. 10/10.end quote 

Concordia College Adelaide

quoteBrilliant! Very professional, engaging, appealing, enjoyable, humorous, natural and hard hitting! Popular culture references were awesome, excellent music, props and fantastic acting skills! Highly recommend it cause most of our students don’t get to experience live performances and they loved it and really got the message! It gave an insight into empathy and what goes on in secondary school regarding social groups, ICT issues and reinforced messages in an excellent Q & A.10/10.end quote 

Willunga High School Adelaide

start-quoteVerbal Combat was wonderful and engaging and dealt with the subject of bullying in a way that was ‘punchy’ and in a far superior way to what we could do here at school. Highly recommended. Entertaining. More beneficial than just talking about bullying.end-quote

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Vic.

start-quoteFantastic!  Students loved the show and were truly engaged throughout.  Totally engrossing for the students, teachers wanted to stay too!  'Debrief' afterward was great, with students' questions handled effectively and appropriately. The follow-up sheets are excellent, especially the 'Bully Simulation Game'.  This is VERY powerful.  Dovetails into our Health curriculum and Pastoral Care themes of bullying, cyberbullying and resilience.  Could not fault the actors, highly recommended, 10/10!end-quote

Sacred Heart College, Geelong

start-quoteI enjoyed the performance! It showed the effects of bullying, both short and long term, in an easy and entertaining way. It made us think on a deeper level about the effects of bullying. The play re-acted a teenager's normal life at school, I learnt a lot from it! 10/10!end-quote

Students, All Saints College, St Peter's Campus

start-quoteBest I've seen. Follow up material spurned 2 extra lessons of discussion and activities. Highly recommended. 10/10.end-quote

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

start-quoteGave students a clear message about bullying and its consequences. Actors were brilliant in encapsulating the characters and getting a clear message across to students. Question time at the end is a wonderful addition. 10/10.end-quote

Oberon High School, Geelong

start-quoteAppreciated updated version of show with references to facebook, mobile phones etc.end-quote

St Ursula's College, Toowoomba

start-quoteVery realistic and specific to what goes on in schools all the time. Students were very engaged in the performance. Supports our bullying / cyber bullying policies. 10/10.end-quote

Ingham State High School

start-quoteStudents were extremely engage. The language and quick plot was essential. It is important to use drama as a medium to portray such vital and powerful messages. Addressed a lot of issues year 8 experience. Eye catching back drops. Also tackled the issue of facebook well. Highly recommended!"end-quote

Avila College, Mt Waverley

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Cyberia side

Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying/Online Reputation/Alienation, Yrs 7-11   

quotePowerful presentation of real world situations. Students clearly enjoyed the performance because it is so relevant to their lives. Addressed on-line bullying, cyber bullying including You Tube,, computer games and safety. Effective enthusiastic acting. Would highly recommend this resource to other schools!end quote 

Richmond High School

quoteBrainstorm always have great shows and performers! Highly effective, engaging ,clever way to incorporate many issues connected with the misuse of social media resulting in bullying and the effects on individual groups and beyond. Especially the legal ramifications of people’s actions. Supports Anti bullying and social media and internet policies. Would always recommend Brainstorm! 10/10.end quote 

St Patricks College Sutherland

quoteExcellent! Successfully addressed a number of current issues faced by all ages with social media, photos posted, trust and the involvement of police in cases of cyber bullying. Highly recommended 10/10.end quote 

St Benedict’s College Brisbane

quoteAwesome fantastic actors! Well organised and scripted! Students loved it and made them consider their own behaviours. Relevant content delivered in a context/mode that is easily accessible and effective. 10/10.end quote 

Trinity Anglican College Cairns

quoteAudience was enthralled! Strong messages and interesting themes and techniques-very relatable to students lives. Great use of sets, props, convention, storytelling, and sound scapes to drive the story. Awesome use of mime to portray the sequences involving social media. 10/10.end quote 

Gordonvale State High School

quoteLoved the multimedia, use of teen related technology and issues. Students were 100% attentive, found it entertaining and could relate to the topic. Good advice to students regarding posts on Facebook, Snapchat regarding future employment. Supports our Values Education, Cyber Bullying policy - could apply to any curriculum area! 10/10.end quote 

Atherton State High School

quoteHighly recommended! Audience was highly engaged, responsive, interested and enjoyed it immensely. Humorous, great plot and storyline with relevant and appropriate themes. Very professional actors who were well presented, punctual and appropriate. 10/10.end quote 

Sydney Boys High

quoteWow!! Awesome! Great! Inspirational! Really entertaining! Learnt lots! Thanks! 10/10.end quote 

Students - Ilim College

quoteHighly recommended! Students were very receptive and deeply emotionally involved and reflected on the characters and storyline. I honestly think that this was one of the best methods at our school yet, in conveying age appropriate messages involving important aspects of teenagers living in the western world. They were totally involved and really enjoyed the production.10/10.end quote 

Australian International Academy

quoteHave never seen our year 10 group so engaged and entertained! Production dealt with serious issues in a way that was accessible and very cool! Very impressed with your brilliant young actors: organised, punctual and well presented. Great follow up activities with links to ‘socio-technological addiction and abuse and cyber safety. 10/10.end quote 

Good Counsel College

quoteTight seamless, engaging, relevant production! Young actors communicated very well with the students during the Q& A. Supports Program Achieve, Personal Development Program, Cyber Safety, privacy laws, gaming, family dynamics and friendship issues. Well done!end quote 

Brisbane Boys College

quoteProfessional talented actors! Well performed, stimulating, informative, relevant communication and language. Supports English, Humanities, Responsible use of IT, Personal Development, Pastoral Care. RE, Media, Anti Bullying programs.end quote 

Mount Maria College Brisbane

quoteStudents said ‘Thank you miss for organising this performance. It was excellent! I would highly recommend Brainstorm to other schools. Really engaging! Supports our PDHPE, Welfare Programs, anti violence and Anti bullying policies perfectly.10/10.end quote 

Tweed River High School

quoteProfessional, entertaining, thought provoking and educational. Students responded really well with questions at the end. Supports PDHPE and Wellbeing. Thank you!end quote 

Holy Spirit College Lakemba

quoteBrilliant performers, issues and themes. Well researched and regularly updated. Allows students to think before they act. Actors delivered and portrayed the messages clearly in an entertaining way! Great support material-we will be completing our ‘digital contracts’ and discussing the issues further. Thank you! Actors were young, fantastic, talented and polite. Wouldn’t change a thing! 10/10.end quote 

St Albans Secondary College Melbourne

quoteThank you so much for being part of such a fantastic organisation and providing such a relevant service to schools. Blake and Rachel were fantastic and the learning for students was very powerful! We had a follow up session with our kids in class which gave them a chance to discuss the issues brought up in the show. Thank you!end quote 

The Geelong College

quoteStudents engrossed! Great age appropriate learning resource that I would highly recommend to other schools. Students engaged for the entire performance and really related to the characters. A number of issues relevant to all students and families were explored in a real and entertaining way, especially the cyber bullying theme. Outstanding acting-very convincing. Well done! Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Georges River College Peakhurst

quoteHighly polished performance that held the attention of all year 10 because it was interesting, engaging, and the message was clear without being too explicit or overt. Very convincing and clever! Really good, appropriate personal story that was a reality check for students who asked quality questions at the end. They enjoyed the humour but got the message! 10/10.end quote 

William Clarke College

quoteStudents loved it! Relevant, interactive, engaging with a great balance of humour and drama. Appropriate social issues for first world students and 100% convincing. Great messages about cyber bullying and harassment as well as lots of helpful incidental information. Fantastic Q & A. Polite, enthusiastic, punctual young actors.end quote 

Bracken Ridge State High School

quoteIncredible acting and professionalism, well done! Supports our cyber bullying, harassment, stranger danger and communication skills curriculum. Performance was fast moving, contemporary, well aimed at our students with issues they encounter every day. Highly recommended!end quote 

Picnic Point High School

start-quoteI learnt that one email can cause a domino effect and emotions and troubles." "It made me aware of what bullying can do to someone mentally and physically as well." "It helped me to become a smarter person by becoming more aware about bullying, funny at times but also shocking." "I learnt that mistakes are made easily and the best ways to fix it.end-quote

Students, Golden Grove High School

start-quoteFollow up material is thorough and detailed. We are incorporating it into our follow up activities. Supports our health education curriculum, esmart school policy. Excellent script used language and situations that students recognised and identified with. Great pace and engery. Backing track enriched the impact by extending the range of characters who's voices were heard. Highly recommended!end-quote

The Friends School

start-quoteFantastic resources for follow-up! Supports IT, Christian Studies and Behaviour policies. The performance was right on the mark in regards to addressing the issues our students are facing with 'modern technology'. Highly recommended!end-quote

Faith Lutheran College

start-quoteSupports our Pastoral Care, Safe practices and ICT policy. Great job in holding the intensity of the show! It's very believable and real. Actors were very impressive people. Thank you.end-quote

St Dominic's Priory College

start-quoteStudents responses - 'highly entertaining', 'relevant to my daily life'. The message was well delivered within an entertaining framework. Students attention was excellent, thus they were very engaged. The saw the significance of the storyline and thought aspects were funny, enjoyed it. However the performance still maintained the serious message. Highly recommended!end-quote

Sacred Heart College Senior

start-quoteFantastic! To the point. Great story - real life implications. Supports our Personal and Social Development Education policies. Highly recommended!end-quote

Carmel College

start-quoteHighly recommended! Quality of performance was fantastic. Student responses were positive, they seemed to really be engaged during the performance.end-quote

University High School

start-quoteFantastic, really captivating and very professional. Supports our Cyber wellbeing and pastoral care curriculum. Highly recommended!end-quote

Catholic Regional College, Caroline Springs

start-quoteExcellent, cool, relevant, interesting and entertaining. Highly recommended!end-quote

Students, Craigslea State High School

start-quoteStudents were 100% engaged throughout the performance. Supports our social media, cyber bullying, acceptable use of technology and legal aspects of technology. actors were very professional!end-quote

St Patrick's College, Sutherland

start-quoteAwesome! A-grade actors. Keep up the good work. Really engaging. Excellent acting and story line.  Highly recommended!end-quote

Mountain Creek State High School

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SLA2 side (High School Version - not currently touring)

Bullying/Aggression/Conflict Resolution/Empathy/Safety/Resilience/Student Wellbeing, Yrs 7-10   more info

 start-quoteHighly recommended! Great acting, funny, engaging, believable, relevant! Loved the interaction with audience – young male actors were great role models that definitely made it easy to teach good morals and explain about harassment and bullying. Supports our Responsible Thinking Process, HPE, Religion and No Bullying policy. 10/10end-quote 

Holy Spirit College McKay

start-quote That was awesome! Should go to all schools, learnt a lot, sometimes funny but then it would get serious, message was really strong! Really makes you empathise with the victim. Slack to take pictures and post them without the person’s permission. That was actually really cool!!!end-quote 

Students - Gladstone High School 

start-quote Highly recommend to other schools! Brilliant!! Excellent use of genuine emotion and humour. Extremely relevant! I believe this theatre performance will help students make positive changes in their lives. Addressed very important issues. Very professional! 10/10end-quote

Emmanuel Anglican College Ballina

start-quote Totally engaged and focussed!!! I believe this performance will help students make sense of their own issues and make them reflect on actual real life behaviours encountered at school giving them a variety of perspectives and outcomes. Actors were highly engaging, professional, funny and dedicated. Great Q&A! 10/10end-quote

Kepnock State High School

start-quote Performance was dynamic, energetic, well paced, emotive, confronting, appropriate, creative, interesting, entertaining and challenging! Used language and mannerisms that resonated with young teenagers.  Great physical strategies! Q&A was a good way of connecting with students and giving factual information. It helped them reflect on their observations and clarify areas of importance.  Addressed sexual harassment, treating others with respect and considering the dignity of each person. I think they will make positive changes in their lives because they could relate to the topics and were empathetic when the characters feelings were hurt especially in regards to domestic violence. Juggling gave the students the chance to refocus. Actors were caring young gentlemen - polite yet COOL!!! Positive role models. 10/10end-quote

Emmaus College Rockhampton

start-quote Highly recommended! Excellent scenarios presented and discussed with solutions provided. Good to see domestic violence and reasons for violent behaviours discussed. Definitely engaged students in a way that will help them make positive changes in their lives - good to see strategies to control behaviour actually demonstrated. Very pointed and addressed all relevant aspects of the issues. Actors were great role models. Supports Life Skills, RE, PDHPE, Anti bullying, Peer Support, Choices, Resilience and Welfare. 10/10end-quote

Holy Trinity School Inverell

start-quote Awesome. Educational. Bullying affects people mentally, physically and emotionally. Treat everyone equally and respect people. If you bully people they don’t respect or trust you.end-quote

St Joseph’s East Gosford – Students

start-quote Brilliant! A succinct, professional presentation of school life affecting students and teachers. Thank you!end-quote

Grafton High School

start-quote Very impressed! A great look at not only the effects of bullying but also the causes and more importantly the strategies to control aggression or bullying tendencies. Highly recommended!end-quote

Mount Lilydale Mercy College

start-quote Very entertaining! The students were able to identify with the problems the characters were facing and causing. Question time was excellent, the actors engaged with the students so well.end-quote

Gippsland Grammar

start-quote Fantastic, 100% engagement from students! The content was very real and students can relate to the situations. The dialogue was excellent. Supports our anti-bullying, no harassment, welfare, no teasing policies and curriculum areas. Highly recommended.end-quote

Batemans Bay High School

start-quote Absolutely spot on! Students appreciated the excellent characterisations and loved the injections of humour. The students contributed well to the after-performance discussion and clapped loudly at the end of the performance! The actors portrayed teenage behaviour very well. Linked to our anti-bullying, socialisation skills, relationships components of Pastoral Care and PE/Health and our Hands Off policy. Good combination of humour, advice, law and deeper emotion. Rich characterisation. Reinforced our concerns about cyber bullying. Dealt with desensitising, adrenalin and instinct 10/10.end-quote

Traralgon College 

start-quoteI will definitely use this production every year from now on! An extremely powerful method for combating bullying in schools. Exceptional - normally a restless group they were totally engaged!end-quote

Cessnock High School, N.S.W.

start-quoteAs a school we continue to be impressed with the ‘Sticks and Stones’ performance and see it as a valuable part of our school anti-bullying policy. Our students relate very well to the scenarios presented as being ‘real life’. Thank-you.end-quote

Marsden State High School, QLD.

start-quoteWell planned, engaging. As always with Brainstorm Productions a very professional presentation. Highly recommended!end-quote

Millicent High School, S.A.

start-quoteBest I’ve had the pleasure to see - pertinent questioning. Very well received. Highly recommended!end-quote

Rose Bay High School, TAS.

start-quoteThe production of ‘Sticks and Stones provided an excellent experience for the students for themes of rules, rights and responsibilities in Term 1. The pre-performance and follow-up material provided an excellent teaching  resource.end-quote

South Yarra Primary School, Vic.

start-quoteStudents were engaged. Great range of dramatic styles used to develop characters, tension & situations. Supports whole school anti- Bullying policy.end-quote

Macgregor State High School, QLD.

start-quote10/10. Actors were good & I also thought the debriefing & discussion afterwards was good. I hadn't seen this performance for a few years so it's good to see the updated version includes cyber bullying.end-quote

Carmel College, QLD.

start-quoteHighly recommended! John & Tyler touched on issues that many of our students experience daily. Their interaction was terrific. Helped with self esteem, personal development, anger management, behaviour in & out of class. Supports our Welfare, Health, Ed QLD anti bullying policy.end-quote

Morayfield State High School, QLD.

start-quoteHighly recommended. 10/10! I saw this performance a couple of years ago and still enjoyed it. The messages are very clear but the presentation makes it really interesting for the students. Supports our antibullying curriculum.end-quote

Calvary Christian College, QLD.

start-quoteHighly recommended. 10/10! Maintaiined the audiences attention & kept students engaged. It was highly relevant for this age group & for starting high school. Supports our anti-bullying & Positive Learning Environment. Very professional & questioned students well.end-quote

Flagstone State High School, QLD.

start-quoteHighly recommended. 10/10! Realistic approach, suitable dialogue & situations. Students loved the juggling.  Supports our PDHPE, English, Peer support, mentoring program. We used the follow up activities in mentoring with all yr7 students.end-quote

Tweed River High School, N.S.W.

start-quoteHighly recommended. 10/10! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it seemed as though our students did too. The level of discussion at the end of the performance showed that the students were engaged and took on board the key messages.  Supports our bullying, cyber - bullying curriculum.end-quote

Cranbourne Secondary College, VIC.

start-quoteHighly recommended. 10/10! Both gentlemen were outstanding. The perfect combination of humour & addressing serious issues. Follow up resources were very useful. Supports our Pastoral Care.end-quote

John Therry Catholic High School, N.S.W.

start-quoteThis was an excellent, timely performance with a mixture of drama & comedy to ease the tension for the students (this was palpable). The students were mesmorised throughout. Bravo! It only takes one person who cares to change a childs life. Very informative and well directed to the year level. Supports our Bullying policy and health education.end-quote

Mowbray College, VIC.

start-quoteHighly recommended. The harder issues were subtely presented such as domestic violence & homophobia, but clearly so that students picked up on it. The scenarios presented were thought provoking and subverted students tendencies at times to laugh.end-quote

Noble Park Secondary College, VIC.

start-quoteHighly recommended! Very relevant & appropriate to the aim of the session. Good situations i.e example of bullying, follow up suggestions & final session (Q&A) allowed students to verbalize their responses and follow up procedures. It was well performed, clear in articulation and hard paced. I liked the way it showed issues (bullying, father-son, relationships with women) rather than told them. The issues emered through the performance (actions&dialogue).end-quote

Patrician Brothers Fairfield, N.S.W.

start-quoteHighly recommended! Anything that can entertain 200 students sitting on the floor must be good. Very entertaining. Supports our Bullying / Conflict resolution/ welfare curriculum.end-quote

Cecil Hills High School, N.S.W.

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Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying/Online Reputation/Alienation, Yrs 7-11   more info

NEW FOR 2018, more testimonials coming soon!

quoteA very clever performance! A very strong message and topical for this year group [year 9]. Supported our pastoral care, bullying/cyberbullying and appropriate use of ICT policies/curriculum. Students were very engaged and feedback was positive. Highy recommended. 10/10end quote 

Emmaus Catholic College

start-quoteStudents were interested and engaged the whole time! The plot was realistic and relatable, the language was believable and authentic. A great message, and the discussion at the end helped develop their understanding of cyber safety and cyberbullying. Actors were excellent!end-quote

Warners Bay High School

start-quoteStudents were very responsive and engaged. The performance explored the issue of cyberbullying and the consequences of its use to hurt and humiliate people. Highly recommended! 10/10.end-quote

Holy Cross College, Ryde

start-quoteThe performance was entertaining, and messages were clear and helpful. The issue presented is a community issue - it's great that we are educating our kids on this subject and encouraging them to take responsibility. Great actors - they are clearly passionate about what they do and the messages they are presenting. 10/10.end-quote

Parent, The Ponds High School

start-quoteStudents were attentive, a very positive result! The performance was really engaging and spoke to the students on their level. Highly recommended. 10/10.end-quote

Teacher, The Ponds High School

start-quoteThe response from students was very positive - they were engaged and interested. I am sure they were thinking about the messages afterwards. The actors were excellent, very professional! To be honest this performance supported our policies around all aspects of behaviour at school. Highly recommended. 10/10.end-quote

MacArthur Anglican School

quoteVery impressed with their professionalism! Great range of characters and impeccable timing, very impressed with the calibre of the delivery. Content was highly relevant and useful. Important lessons and great concepts that are relatable. Students were highly engaged for the duration of the show and gave thoughtful responses in the discussion, which conveyed much useful information. Highly recommended. 10/10end quote 

Kingswood High School

quoteThe students watched and listened intently. They asked a lot of pertinent questions at the end of the performance which indicated they were reflecting on the issues raised. I think the content was highly relevant to their own experiences and emerging identities. Valuable debrief and discussion at the end. Highly recommended! 10/10end quote

Sylvania High School


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Risk Taking/Mental Health/Drugs/Alcohol/Choices/Resilience/Student Wellbeing, Yrs 9-12  more info

quoteStudents totally engaged and showed compassion for the characters. A rollercoaster of emotions! They were challenged to think about taking responsibility for their actions. Supports our student wellbeing program. 10/10end quote 

St Gregory's College, Campbelltown

quoteGreat! Engaging presenter - students could relate to the situations to make positive changes and reflect on choices they make in their lives. Teachers' resources were useful for PDHPE, driver education, drug education and our mental health programs.end quote 

Mitchell High School

quoteExplored relevant aspects of our school wellbeing program in an imaginative and accessible way. Encouraged reflection on the inherent harms of risk-taking behaviours and supported Positive Behaviour for Learning and our policies around the safe use of ICT.end quote 

George's River College, Peakhurst

quoteA one man show that had 170 year 9’s wrapped up in the story line . It was emotionally challenging, relevant, thought provoking, believable and entertaining. Thank you! Supports Welfare and PDHPE. Very worthwhile.end quote 

Blakehurst High School

quoteTerrific performance! Very relevant to my year 10 Drama class. Very well presented, included some audience participation. Highly recommended!end quote

Whitefriars College

quoteMessages were clear - don't smoke, take drugs, or drink and drive. Consider the choices you make. It was serious and funny, entertaining, meaningful, informative and relevant. Highly recommended!end quote

Wellington Secondary College

quoteHighly recommended! The performance was outstanding, voices 'brilliant', pace excellent, dialogue appropriate, students were engaged. 10/10!end quote

Mercy Catholic College

quoteFantastic! Even had the hard core misbehavers enthralled and connected.  The actor engaged all students and staff from the first second of the performance.  Outstanding
end quote

Burwood Girls High School

quoteExcellent, realistic issues. Supports our risk taking, safe partying policies. The knowledge and message in the discussion at the end was exemplary. Highly recommended, 10/10!end quote

Oxley College

quoteStudents were completely captivated and enjoyed the performance. They reacted appropriately during the different scenes. Supports our pastoral care and student wellbeing. Highly recommended!end quote

Daramalan College

quoteReally powerful. I had no idea about the real effects of alcohol and marijuana. Your choices impact your life in a massive way. MADE A BIG IMPRESSION!end quote

Students, Luther College

quoteCaptured our attention from the beginning! Entertaining for all students who related in various ways-empathy with the characters, laughing at appropriate moments. Great post discussion! Students liked the soundtrack and the audience participation. Thank you!end quote

Sydney Boys High School

quoteAudience was enthralled! Could hear a pin drop! Fantastic performance, very impressive indeed. Excellent content tailored well to the audience. Characters were easy to relate to and it was great to see some clever audience participation. 10/10.end quote 

Cheltenham Girls High School

quoteTalented actor who is always welcome at our college! Audience was extremely respectful and attentive during the performance and feedback session, a good indication that they were not only entertained but could also relate to the issues presented. Follow up material is great. 10/10! Thank you!end quote 

St Mary Mackillop College, ACT

quoteHighly recommended! A very good actor who really gets the point across. Nice guitar work! More please! Well done! Thank you! 10/10.end quote

Trinity Catholic College

quoteEngaging, enjoyable, informative, age appropriate comments and themes that relate to teenagers everyday issues. Great post discussion and questioning. Thank you!end quote 

Corpus Christie High School

quoteAwesome! Highly engaging, solid message about the choices we make. James is a highly skilled performer. Program supports Religious Education and PDHPE. Follow up activities are very good, really appropriate. Your service is always great, very efficient. Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

St Pauls Kempsey

quoteAppropriate and engaging! The students could identify with the characters and really follow the decision making issues raised. The performance is relevant and current with what is happening in the media now.end quote

St Patrick's College Sutherland

quoteMade me think about my choices, informed us about the dangers of drugs and making a wrong choice. The consequences sorta hit you in the face! REALITY CHECK!"

Students, Flagstone State Community College

quoteVery slick! Precise timing. A talented study and mimic of teenagers and their speech, mannerisms and attitudes. Supports our PDHPE units, RAP and Religious Education. Students loved that they were entertained and taught at the same time. 10/10!end quote

St John's College, Dubbo

quoteOutstanding performance, highly professional, clear message without being patronising. Students were thoroughly engaged from the outset. Supports our pastoral care policies. Highly recommended, 10/10!end quote

Unity College

quoteHighly recommended! Very positive experience for students. Very insightful and great to see it from a different perspective. 10/10!end quote

Brisbane Bayside Secondary College

quoteEntertaining, talented performer who engaged the students with comedy and drama. Discussion was informative, controlled and thought provoking. Supports our Pastoral Care Policy. Thank you!end quote

St Pauls High School Booragul

start-quoteCheap Thrills is relevant, dynamic, very funny, touching, real, highlighted social problems, brilliantly scripted and acted!end-quote

Black wood High School, SA

start-quoteHighly recommended!  Very enjoyable and highly relevant.  Excellent presentation which really brought the issues to the attention of the students in a powerful and believable way.  Clear message without preaching.end-quote

Our Lady of the Southern Cross College

start-quote10/10!  Excellent performance, very believable, very topical.  Students totally engaged.  Highly recommended!end-quote

Bishop Druitt College

start-quoteA humorous way to deliver an important message!  Great way to get students talking and thinking.  They liked that they were not told not to do something, rather the performance made them think.  The message was clear without preaching to the audience.  The actor was professional and did an AMAZING debrief - very thorough.  10/10!end-quote

St Ursula's College, Toowoomba

start-quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, powerful, relevant, helpful, thought-provoking.end-quote

Ipswich State High School, QLD

start-quoteHighly recommended! Well presented, entertaining, organised. Lots of great issues. Timing, acting and music were superb.end-quote

Mount St Patrick College - Murwillumbah, NSW

start-quoteCaptured and held students attention throughout the show - engaging and worthwhile - relevant issues.end-quote

Reservoir District Secondary College, VIC

start-quoteHighly recommended! We are so impressed with the consistent quality of Brainstorm Productions. Topical, well produced and researched plays.end-quote

St Clare's College, ACT

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Mental Health/Exam Stress/Anxiety/Depression/Resilience/Student Wellbeing, Yrs 10-12  more info

quoteEngaging! Educational! Extremely positive response from the audience. Important, worthwhile information about pastoral care. Actors were professional and engaged well with the audience in the Q & A. Thank you!end quote 

St Leos College Sydney

quoteExtremely relevant to where our students are currently at. Good to highlight positive and negative coping strategies and the impact stress and decisions have on their lives. Good for visual students who struggle to look into their future. Engaging, professional and well pitched. Highly recommended!end quote 

Davidson High School

quoteHighly recommended! All students were fully engaged and very responsive to issues and relatable stories. Addresses Welfare and student support in the areas of emotional issues, depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks. 10/10.end quote 

Sefton High School

quoteAmazing show! Couldn’t fault it! Loved the content and performers. Totally positive responses from every single student. Outstanding performance in every aspect! An absolute highlight of this year. You cannot better a ‘Perfect Production! Supports student wellbeing and engagement and Health Education. 10/10.end quote 

Taylors Lakes Secondary College

quoteHighly recommended! Students were drawn into the story and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it confronting but informative. Actors were really friendly pleasant and professional. Supports our Pastoral care, Mental Health and Careers Curriculum. Thank you!end quote 

Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta

quoteAppropriately and realistically highlights the adolescent issues and a range of options available to help young people cope. Helped to normalise mental illness, final year pressures, coping mechanisms, welfare and mental health issues. Students were keen to contribute in the Q & A. Amazing performers who were punctual, enthusiastic and fantastic as always. 10/10.end quote 

Cranbourne Secondary College

quoteEngaging... cool... funny... well done especially dual storyline....good music...good demonstration of what people go through....entertaining....interactive!end quote 

Students - Wellington Secondary College

quoteHighly recommended! Audience was captivated and responsive! Engaging, pertinent, clever staging and music. Supports our policies on Personal organisation, planning, building coping mechanisms and goal setting + English and Peer Support. 10/10.end quote 

Newcomb Secondary College

start-quoteStudents loved it so much! They were inspired to invite the performers to attend our drama showcase the following week! A great way to raise important issues like depression or drug use while also demonstrating excellence in performing skills. The actors worked hard. It was money well spent!end-quote

Blacktown Girl's High School, NSW

start-quoteVery enjoyable.” "Worthwhile." "Provided some ideas to deal with stress." "Gave you solutions to problems.”end-quote

Hawthorn Secondary College - Students, VIC

start-quoteGreat!" "Realistic!" "Can't believe 2 seconds can change your life!" "Fantastic storyline!end-quote

Mary Mackillop College - Students, VIC

start-quotePerfect for this year group! Stress HSC pressure is real for year 12's and this production showed relevant strategies to dealing with these issues. Extremely worthwhile viewing!end-quote

St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford NSW

start-quoteHighly recommended! Great educational/moral values. Entertaining and captivating. Great use of props and scene changes. Very relevant. Great. So true. Funny!end-quote

Tamborine Mountain State High School, QLD

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