Cyber Safety Programs

From cyber safety education and cyber bullying, to ethical online behaviour and using technology responsibly, Brainstorm Productions delivers cyber safety programs using live in-school theatre. 

The result? Students are empowered with meaningful strategies; including building better relationships online, protecting their digital footprint and how to behave in ways that enhance their online safety. Teachers are provided with a deeply engaging program that offers a fresh perspective on cyber safety education; teaching emotional intelligence, building student resilience and demonstrating the implications of harmful online behaviour. 

Below you'll find an overview of Brainstorm Productions cyber safety programs: one for primary schools and another for high schools. For specific details on each program, simply click on the program name for more information. 

Please also feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have, free call 1800 676 224 or to email click here


Primary School Cyber Safety Programs

The H Team
Encourages critical thinking skills to stop bullying and unhealthy behaviours.
Develops social media and cyber safety skills to help combat bullying.
Saving Lil & Archie
Provides strategies for emotional balance and positive relationships.  
The Human Race
Bullying program that inspires unity and resilience. 
Sticks and Stones K-6
Entertaining educational theatre to help reduce the instances of bullying in school.
The Protectors
Addresses anti-bullying in schools and provides support and confidence for vulnerable children.
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High School Cyber Safety Programs

The Hurting Game
Inspires students to stop bullying and damaging their digital reputation.
Strategies to stop cyber bullying and encourage respect, empathy and resilience.
Cyber safety program to encourage ethical behaviour online. New for 2018!!!
Verbal Combat
Gives bystanders the tools and courage to stop bullying at school and online.
Sticks and Stones 7-10
Educational theatre that addresses anti-bullying in high schools.
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