• Inspires critical thinking, positive connections and healthy choices. Helps students deal with negative messages from the internet and media.   
  • •  Wellbeing   •   Bullying
    •  Health   •  eSafety   •  Digital literacy
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

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The H Team
Wellbeing Program


A unique wellbeing resource that gives students knowledge, confidence and resilience to cope with negative feelings and unhealthy messages from advertising and the media.


This exciting adventure story inspires students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and wellbeing.

Cal and Mindi are accidentally transported from the safety of the 'H Zone' and left without their positive mindsets. Peer pressure and social media make Mindi anxious and competitive. Cal becomes isolated and obsessed with junk food and aggressive video games. Struggling with low self-esteem, they succumb to bullying and excessive screen time.

They must learn to critically evaluate the media, stand up to bullying and make good decisions

The H Team fosters teamwork, impulse control, and resilience, to create healthy and harmonious school communities. An interactive song reinforces the positive message.

The H Team Wellbeing Program Covers:

green-tick Bullying
green-tick Motivation
green-tick Positive Behaviours

green-tickEmotional Wellbeing
green-tickCyber Safety

green-tickConsumerism and Advertising
green-tickMedia Pressure
green-tickDecision Making

Teacher Testimonials

quoteBest ever visiting performance! Students were captivated from the start with a very clear message about health and harmony! Outstandingly positive response from students. Performance was full of energy, interactive and appropriate for this age group: student wellbeing, positive lifestyle choices, and avoiding negative distractions and unsafe circumstances. Highly professional throughout! 10/10end quote 

St Joseph's Primary School, Woodburn

quoteOriginal! Entertaining! Clear strategies to deal with bullying, cyber safety, effects of media and peer pressure. Great audience participation and teachers' pack! 10/10end quote 

Strathmore Primary School

quoteEnthralled! Great messages: positive mindset, healthy eating, body image, decision making, setting goals, bullying and eSafety. 10/10end quote 

St Matthews Catholic School




quoteFantastic! Brilliant! Perfect for primary students, especially as Australia is one of the world leaders in childhood obesity. Thought-provoking content about healthy eating, positive mindset, exercise and the power of advertising. Liked the idea of "putting on your positive growth mindset" - I will use this in the classroom! Students were engaged, captivated and fixated on the show. Highly interactive. Awesome! 10/10 end quote 

St Madeleine's, Kenthurst

quoteWOW! Brainstorm Productions just keep getting better! Up to date language, realistic situations. Loved the inclusion of the effect of advertising. Kids were singing the song after the show. Teachers Resources are fantastic - clear and useful! Thank you! 10/10end quote 

Reynella Primary School

quoteFantastic! Energetic and captivating! Loved it! Very entertaining and interactive. Skilled talented performers, clear messages promoting health, wellness and self esteem.  Great sound, costumes and backdrops. One of the best productions I have ever seen! Brilliant! Great direction to ‘focus points’ of the show in Q & A. Supports our Social Emotional Learning. 10/10end quote 

Good Shepherd Lutheran College 

quoteCould hear a pin drop! So many great messages for every level (Reception to year 7)! Kids could really relate to so much of the story. They were engaged and enjoying themselves for the whole hour......we should have a performance every week! Touched every base: greed, want versus need, the power of advertising, healthy choices, physical and mental health, reality over fake ideas, money, resilience, anti-bullying, being strong, healthy living and setting goals. Fabulous talented young people (actors). We’d love to book their play next year whichever one it is! 10/10end quote 

Crystal Brook Public School 

quoteHighly recommended! Perfectly pitched, great audience participation. Children could relate to so much and were 100% engaged! Characters were flawed so they learnt from their mistakes and saw them work together. Kids really got the message! Very impressed! They found it empowering! Excellent storyline, script, props and costumes. Supports healthy habits, critical thinking, child protection, social behaviours. Great crowd control and questioning - perfect. Great follow-up resources with activities, song and online links. 10/10. Wonderful ambassadors for your program! Come back!!!end quote 

St Michaels College 

quoteHighly recommended! Loved it! Great delivery, fantastic catchy songs with repetition to reinforce messages linked to everyday life. Very entertaining and great reflections at the end. Children were totally engaged, joined in and thoroughly enjoyed it. Supports Health, PE, Social and Emotional Health! 10/10end quote 

Woodville Public School 

quoteGreat content and messages about making decisions and internal strength delivered in an entertaining way. Kids were engaged and happily participated with great questions and joining in song/actions. Good balance of comedy and seriousness. Could relate to what students are currently experiencing at school and on the internet. Supports SOSE, Behaviour Management, Student Welfare, Positive Behaviour and Care for Self - Care for others. Everything was fantastic! Thank you!end quote 

Noosaville State School 

quoteFabulous! Funny! Perfect! Excellent! Loved it! Amazing! Beautiful! Cool! Interesting! Awesome! Taught us a lot of lessons! Great performance! Well done! Epic!end quote 

Students Westbourne Park Primary

quoteHighly recommended! Entertained and enthralled! Educational! Great moral! Very clever! Great acting and enthusiasm. Supports school values, P.E and Health. 10/10end quote

Paralowie R-12 School 

quoteThe whole audience was enraptured for the entire performance! Excellent in all respects. Made you think about serious issues and life lessons that are relevant to this age group.end quote

Burnside Primary School

quoteFantastic! Actors were fabulous role models. Another professional, fun and engaging Brainstorm production! Highly recommended, 10/10end quote

Oberon Primary School





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