• A brilliant way to give children strategies for dealing with anger and resolving conflict.
  • •  Bullying    •  Impulse Control   •  Aggressive Behaviour   •  eSafety   •  Co-operation       
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

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Sticks & Stones K/P-6
Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


Entertaining educational theatre to help reduce bullying in schools and online, and create harmonious relationships within our community. 


DON’T be a BULLY…STOP. Think, breathe, walk away.

DON’T be a TARGET…Stand tall. Tell someone.


When things go wrong in Toby’s life, or he feels frightened or threatened, he gets all churned up inside. His body tells him to fight, his dad and other kids tell him to fight, even YouTube, TV and video games tell him to fight. 

Toby learns to stop, breathe, put his hands in his pockets, walk away, count to ten and talk about his feelings. He learns how to stay safe at school and online.

When Toby decides to break the habit and take responsibility for his own actions he begins to develop positive relationships. He stands tall, becomes assertive and co-operates with other kids to create a circus routine, with acrobatics, unicycling and juggling.  

WINNER of an Australian Violence Prevention Award. Seen and enjoyed by over 1.75 million students!

Sticks & Stones K-6 Bullying and Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Aggression
green-tick Bullying
green-tick Impulse Control
green-tick eSafety

green-tickSocial Skills
green-tickStop Think Do


Please Note: This performance contains references to family separation, physical bullying, and online stranger danger.  Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about the content as modifications can be made in some cases.

Teacher Testimonials

 quoteVery valuable! So engaging! Students from K to 6 became absorbed in the story - they laughed, gasped, applauded and cheered. Great positive reinforcement of ways to deal with anger, examples were very believable. They willl be able to take these strategies back to the playground, classroom and home! Thank you! 10/10 end quote

St Michael's Mittagong

quoteEvery child totally engaged in the show! Dealt with consequences, conflict resolution, respect, empathy, responsibility and team work. 10/10end quote 

Victor Harbor R-7 School

quoteMade a distinct change to the children the following day in the yard. Changed their perspective on dealing with anger. Loved the juggling! Actors are great role models! 10/10end quote 

Riverdale Primary School 




 quoteHighly engaging! Relatable characters and situations that will help spark students' self-awareness. Recommendations were realistic & achievable, e.g. breathing through angry feelings. Kids engaged with the risks of online gaming, including the importance of asking for permission & disclosing information to parents. Actors were extremely professional! Students said they really enjoyed it & learnt from it! 10/10end quote 

 Ringrose Public School

quoteCaptivating! Children were engaged, amused and had appropriate emotional reactions to these convincing characters. Great answers in Q&A. Could relate to ‘real' issues and scenarios. Having ‘outside’ people, (two talented young men) assists in reinforcing the message. Song is a fun, powerful tool to remind children to resolve problems peacefully. 10/10end quote 

West Mackay State School

quoteLoved the calm way the presenters spoke and the language they used - ‘desensitised', 'fight/flight', 'energy', 'aggressive’. Great message!!! Was at their level and designed to help them grapple with feelings and emotions. Teachers pack provided excellent anger management techniques. Highlighting the origins of bullying as far back as kindergarten will assist students to examine their own behaviour and identify bullying. Very constructive, entertaining performance. Thank you! 10/10end quote 

St Josephs Leeton

start-quoteCompletely captivating! I watched the children’s faces and they were mesmerised and took in every word of advice. Very poignant and relevant, particularly for the boys. Good relatable examples and strategies modelled about dealing with anger. Young actors were accommodating, energetic, clean cut and popular with the children. Supports Positive Behaviours, PDHPE and anti bullying. 10/10 .end-quote 

Cowra Public School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, entertaining! Students learnt that problems can be handled in a calm measured way without resorting to violence. Listened quietly then cheered for the solutions to real problems and gave bullying the ‘thumbs down’. Loved the singing, juggling, humour, working together and the ‘calm down strategies.’ Got the message: Walk away, hands in pockets, count to 10 and talk about your feelings. Great Q& A and Teachers Resource pack. 10/10end-quote

Aitkenvale State School

start-quoteEngaged the students right from the first minute. Actors were terrific. Fantastic storyline - loved it! Terrific strategies presented in a fantastic way. Highly recommended!end-quote

St Michael's College - Adelaide

start-quoteHighly recommended! Fantastic! Students highly enojyed it, engaged the entire time. Very valuable discussion at the end. Supprts our Wellbeing, Interpersonal Development, Kids Matter and Play is the Way programs and curriculum. Great activities and wellbeing resources included in the teachers' pack. 10/10end-quote 

Pearcedale Primary School

start-quoteStudets very engaged! Strategies to deal with feeling angry or sad. Students could relate to ideas - minecraft game, loved circus tricks. Supports health and wellbeing, social emotional learning, Cool School rules, performing arts and restorative practices curriculum. Highly recommended. 10/10end-quote

Corpus Christi Primary School

start-quoteStudents loved it! Definitely on the students level, great idea to show the flashback to kindy and show the reasons for aggression. Simple message: Don’t fight, co-operate and solve problems peacefully. Good learning experience for all students both bullies and victims. Thanks!!! 10/10end-quote 

Cootamundra Public School





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