• Children will learn practical strategies to achieve emotional balance and make positive connections at school and online.
  • •  Bullying •   eSafety •  Screen Time
    •  Positive Connections •  Social Skills
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per performance +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

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Saving Lil and Archie
Cyber Safety Program


Cyber safety program for schools that promotes balance, positive relationships and responsible use of technology.


There is pandemonium on Planet Arkon when two robots, Lil and Zig, are zapped to earth and into the lives of two 12 year olds, Bella and Archie. Bella is being bullied and Archie has no friends.

Through their encounters with these unexpected guests, Bella learns to be assertive and to 'report' and 'log off', or walk away, when her connections become negative and nasty. Archie begins to understand his emotions and the emotions of others.

Archie realises that lack of sleep and hours of screen time make him angry and unable to make positive connections with real people. In order to restore the balance, Archie learns that he must control his impulses and engage in more positive behaviours so that Lil and Zig can return to Arkon.

Saving Lil and Archie
Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Positive Online Connections
green-tick Responsible Use of Technology
green-tick Cyber Safety
green-tick Digital Citizenship

green-tickSocial Skills
green-tickConflict Resolution


green-tickExcessive Screen Time
green-tickAnti-Social Behaviour

Teacher Testimonials

quoteBrilliant! Best I’ve seen in 30 years of teaching. Limiting screen time, more sleep, social skills, cyber safety. Entertaining and relevant! 10/10end quote 

Reynella Primary School

quoteHonestly this was the best performance I have seen. Professional, polished and engaging. These are the issues I have to deal with every day as a parent and a teacher. Scary how this generation is addicted to screens! 10/10end quote 

Moggill State School



Brainstorm Productions is certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

eSafety Commissioner logo


quoteHighly recommended! Outstanding! Clear messages about child protection, values, bullying, self-esteem and building friendships. Fantastic song and interactive whiteboard activities. 10/10.end quote

Burnside Public School

quoteAwesome! Congratulations! Amazing! Supports computer safety, anti bullying, restorative justice and PDHPE. 10/10!end quote

St Catherine Laboure Primary School

quoteFlawless delivery! Great messages. Had students attention 100% of the time. Valuable Q & A. Good balance of humour, entertainment and strong powerful messages about screen time, only playing PG games, getting enough sleep.  Compliments our Cyber bullying/Digital Citizenship, Health and Safety, Arts, ‘You Can do It’, Social and Emotional Health programs. Highly recommended!end quote

Unity College, Sunshine Coast

quoteFun but informative, well acted. Relevant topics about being safe on-line and cyber bullying. Music brought it to life. Children said ‘Best show ever’! 10/10end quote

St Hilda’s School

quoteHighly recommended! Fantastic performance! Wonderful! Very educational. Appropriate for all ages. Entertaining with important messages. Highly engaging and informative. Students loved it! Supports ICT, discipline, bullying, PDHPE, HSIE. Good discussion at conclusion helped consolidate learning. 10/10end quote

Al Faisal College

quoteIf you're angry or sad, have a bit of a cry, exercise and a big sleep and you'll feel balanced. Amazing!end quote

Student, St Ignatius Adelaide

quoteAwesome! Actors were highly engaging, great costumes, question time at the end was great for both students questions and my assessment.end quote

Cambridge Park Primary School

quoteStudents were very engaged during show! Supports our anti-bullying policy, ICT - cyber safety, ICT school guidelines, values education. Excellent show lots of key messages in play. Excellent all round performers. Highly recommended!end quote

Rosanna Primary School

quoteHighly recommended! Entertaining, thought provoking about feelings and dealing with problems. Audience totally engaged! Feel good ending! Discussion at end was excellent. 10/10end quote

James Erskine Primary School





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