• Wonderful way to give children skills to bounce back in challenging situations.
  • • Resilience • Student Wellbeing
    • Coping with Loss and Change
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

Being Brave
Student Wellbeing Program


A resilience program for primary schools, using educational theatre to provide simple strategies for supporting emotional wellbeing and mental health.


Being Brave gives children strategies to deal with their emotions through good communication, persistence and positive self-talk - making them more resilient. This inspiring show uses song, dance and drama to give children strategies to bounce back after dealing with bullying, loss and change.

Researched and developed in consultation with teachers and school counsellors, this emotional wellbeing resource is carefully crafted to ensure children can relate to the scenarios.

Fly is a young boy whose parents have separated. He misses his dad desperately and tries to be brave by keeping his emotions 'bottled up'. Isha has been forced to come to a new country and Tim has to stand up and seek help when he is being bullied. Mikalia has to give up the rigors of ballet dancing and find a new dream, and Celia comes to terms with loss in her family.

Dedicated to Luke.

Being Brave Student Wellbeing Program Covers:

green-tick Emotional Wellbeing
green-tick Bullying
green-tick Resilience
green-tick Positive Relationships
green-tick Empathy

green-tickPositive Self-talk
green-tickHealthy Relationships
green-tickSharing Stories

green-tickShowing Feelings
green-tickAccepting Change
green-tickStudent Wellbeing

Please Note: This is a story of resilience that contains references to bullying, family separation, bereavement and the experience of refugees.  Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about the content as modifications can be made in some cases.

Teacher Testimonials

quoteFantastic performance! Engaging! Great message that was easy for students to follow and understand. Actors were excellent. Great after show discussion in the classroom. Teachers' resource pack was excellent, all of it has been very useful. Students loved it - 'best show ever!'end quote

Kahibah Public School

start-quoteEngaged students with difficult themes of resilience, divorce, loss, bullying, rejection and letting go of things you love. 10/10end-quote 

Good News Lutheran School, QLD





quoteThe production was fabulous! The content was perfect for our students and brought some of the kids and students to tears. The students were very engaged, amazing to see them so still and interested! I loved the messages that "it's OK for boys to cry", stay connected, find a new dream. Bullying message was great too! The performers were wonderful!! We all loved the actors! They asked great questions and the children's answers showed they learnt so much about being brave. They should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and professionalism - they would make great teachers!! This performance links with our religious education lessons and our way of life at St Joseph's. Thank you!!! 10/10end quote

St Joseph's Primary School, Merewether

quoteFaultless! Riveting! Children were mesmerised! Very professional and well targeted to the audience. Our students were definitely engaged with this theatre production. The actors were happy, enthusiastic and polite. The actors were brilliant and the performance supports our Kidsmatter policy and supports our PDHPE and drama curriculum. Wonderful singing, dancing and audience participation. Thank you! Highly recommended. 10/10end quote

Narraweena Public School

quoteBrilliant engaging, professional young actors. A wonderful way to engage students in recognising feelings, bullying and separation as well as providing strategies to deal with and solve problems. Thank you! 10/10.end quote

Albert Park Public School (NSW)

quoteMost enjoyable at all levels. Students were engaged and captivated through the entire performance and participated enthusiastically in question time at the end.end quote

Teven-Tintenbar Public School

quoteHighly Recommended! Students enjoyed participating in the show by verbalising responses, singing songs and answering questions. The performance showed various people of all ages and backgrounds so the students could relate – showed diversity. Supports Personal Development, Religious Eduction and St John Vianney’s feel safe policy.end quote

St John Vianney Primary School – Doonside

quoteRelevant, positive and helpful for students grieving: separation issues, death in the family and bullying. Identified what ‘real brave’ is. Good guide to keeping memories and moving on and strategies for dealing with emotions. One student said ‘ I’m going to tell my mum about this!’ 10/10end quote

Frankston East Primary School 





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