• A confronting play that highlights the causes and effects of stress, anxiety and depression associated with exams, relationships and everyday life.
  • • Mental health • Balance • Resilience
    • Exam Stress • Student Wellbeing
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 10 to 12

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Student Wellbeing Program


Educational theatre that addresses student mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Two characters are spiralling in different directions - one into stress, anxiety, perfectionism and overload, the other into depression and isolation.

When their lives collide, they are forced to change course.

The audience has the opportunity to see the characters play out an alternative path towards greater resilience and mental wellbeing. Through communication and connection, they discover there are different ways of coping. They see that help is available and they have the power to change their lives.

With a sophisticated script and contemporary music, Wired instantly engages even the most cynical audience to enhance mental health awareness in schools.

Wired Student Wellbeing Program Covers:

green-tick Stress
green-tick Anxiety & Depression
green-tick Balance

green-tickGoal Setting
green-tickMental Health

green-tickExam Pressure
green-tickStudent Wellbeing

Please Note: This performance contains references to anxiety, depression & panic attacks.  It also contains the sound effects of a motor vehicle accident.  Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about the content as modifications can be made in some cases.

Teacher Testimonials

quoteEngaging! Relevant issues: anxiety, relationships, parental expectations, dealing with stress and depression, and how to seek help. 10/10end quote 

Rowville Secondary College

quoteWell worth students missing an hour of HSC class to deal with these issues. Fantastic! Thought provoking. 10/10end quote 

Davidson High School

quoteAs always, the performance was professional, innovative, creative, accessible, "real", and relevant to students' interests and needs. Gave students practical ways to express their feelings to get help. Contemporary information about organisations made it easy for them to seek advice. Actors were professional, animated and genuine! They were engaging & relatable, and showed passion & belief in what they were doing. 10/10end quote 

Taree Christian College




quoteFabulous! Story was funny and sad at times. Highlights steps we can take to achieve good mental health. Fantastic young role models! 10/10end quote 

Pittwater High School

quoteExcellent! Perfectly delivered and precisely tackled issues VCE students face. Thank you! 10/10end quote 

Northcote High School

quoteVery clever performance, the 'what if' wind back, gave the students food for thought. Ours was a Friday afternoon performance, so the odds were stacked against the performers, but the students were engaged throughout! Thank you. Educational, enlightening, relevant to year 10 issues, effective, influential and entertaining. Highly recommended!"end quote 

Rosebank College

quoteA very well presented drama suitable to the needs of year 11 students. These are emerging issues for these students so it is good to mention them early in year 11 for year 12 stress. Highly recommended!end quote

Xavier Catholic College

quoteSupports year 10 health 'Understanding Mental Health' and year 9 health 'Enhancing Resilience'. Thought provoking, gave students the opportunity to reflect on their own circumstances. Highly recommended!end quote

Radford College

quoteExcellent! Right timing, just the information we need. Actors were very professional in their performance and follow up discussion. Keep up the good work! Highly recommended.end quote

Casino High School

quoteHighly recommended! Supports our stress management policy. The performance was engaging and relevant to the targeted audience, an excellent production.end quote

Camden High School

quoteI was so impressed with the quality of the script and the range of characters and issues they dealt with. The actors' performances were excellent. When addressing the students the actors were warm, open and non judgemental. Well done! Highly recommended. 10/10end quote

Taree High School

quoteThe performance was superb. The actors made it very transparent for the students and I'm sure a lot of this will be curbed at our school in future. An effective wellbeing resource for students and teachers. Highly recommended! 10/10end quote

NSW High School





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