• A unique and contemporary production that challenges students' views on ethics and behaviour online.  
  • • Cyber Bullying • Online Ethics • Cyber Safety
    • Bystanders • Consequences
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 7 to 11

The Flipside
Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


Anti bullying program that explores the responsible and ethical use of technology for improving student wellbeing and mental health. 

This performance highlights the importance of personal responsibility, empathy and values in the online world.

When bullying and revenge are used to wield power, Jack and Ella realise they must create an ethical roadmap to navigate the online world. When people post words or images, how will they be received? What will be the consequences?

The Flipside challenges students' perspectives on what's humorous, toxic, private, humiliating, informative, safe or appropriate online. The performance encourages them to think critically about their online values and behaviour, and provides strategies for respectful communication.

The Flipside Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Cyber Bullying
green-tick Bullying
green-tick Social Media
green-tick Values

green-tickEthical Online Behaviour
green-tickResponsible Use of Technology

green-tickDigital Citizenship
green-tickImpulse Control
green-tickDigital Footprint
green-tickCyber Safety

Please Note: This performance contains references to abusive online comments. Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about this content. 

Teacher Testimonials

quoteCaptivating! Cleverly highlighted the moral and legal consequences of online bullying. Strengths approach was brilliant! 10/10.end quote

Kiera High School

quoteOutstanding! Thought provoking! Gave students a new perspective on social media and a strong message about consequences and ethics. 10/10.end quote

St Joseph's Catholic College, Gosford

quoteWell researched and up-to-date! Our tech-obsessed audience was glued to the dilemmas being played out. Made them more aware of the effects of bullying. 10/10.end quote

Robina State High School




quoteCaptivating! Fantastic, relevant content! A reminder that social media can be dangerous and hurtful. Amazing actors! 10/10.end quote

Bulli High School

quoteExcellent performance! Loved it! Students were engaged, entertained and informed. Very applicable to their daily lives. The performance was professional. Clear and articulate performers - good role models. Supports policies around social media use, cyber safety, cyberbullying and pastoral welfare. Highly recommended!end quote

St Patricks College, Strathfield

quoteFantastic performance! Helps students become aware of their behaviour online - knowing how to behave in this digital world and be good online citizens. Students were all engaged and attentive. Highly recommended. 10/10end quote

Beverly Hills Girls High School

quoteAn outstanding production! In a rural setting we have limited access to productions around this topic. I believe that Brainstorm fills this void. Coolamon has students from diverse backgrounds - the production accommodated this and students were constantly engaged. A tremendous feat, well done! Supports Positive Behaviour and Reflective Practice. The actors were absolutely unreal! Punctual, positive and approachable, very accommodating. I am more than happy to recommend Brainstorm to other schools. 10/10end quote

Coolamon Central School

quoteThey had the students' undivided attention! The show was highly engaging, relevant and interesting. Great use of humour and audio/sound effects. It was a great educational experience and discussion on online ethics that students will remember. 10/10end quote 

Mitchell High School

quoteThe performance was captivating! Really engaging and maintained students' interest and attention. The weaving of facts, stats and information through the narrative was very clever and effective. The performance really highlighted the pervasive nature of technology in teenagers' lives. The Q&A at the end was an excellent way to consolidate the ideas. Excellent acting! The high level of student engagement observed is a testament to their processing of the content. The performance is relevant to their lives so I would be surprised if they didn't use it as a reference point when they interact online or use social media. Strength approach is excellent. Relatable characters using very real situations, with real consequences. Highly recommended! 10/10end quote 

Keira High School

quoteStudents were engaged and found the performance interesting and very apt - they were immersed in that world. I thought it was very good and the actors were excellent! Highly recommended. 10/10quote

International Grammar School

quoteDefinitely thought-provoking! Positive messages throughout. Very relevant content that gives students meaningful examples and something to think about before they post on social media - e.g. who can see it, once it's there it can't be deleted, and how quickly posts can spread. Excellent opening - grabbed their attention with wonderul use of sound effects. Great actors! Punctual, organised and very professional with their interactions. The questions at the end were a great way to bring home the messages. The actors were relatable to the students. 10/10end quote 

St Pius X High School, Adamstown

quotePresented harsh realities of technology. Motivates students to be reponsible, respectful and safe online. Delightful!end quote

Sefton High School

quoteThat was fantastic! The actors were wonderful! The content was so timely and appropriate for students of this developmental stage. They definitely engaged in a way that can help them make positive changes - comments were all positive. Excellent actors, a polished and professional production - themes were developed incrementally and puposefully. Student wellbeing (Crossroads Program) and National Curriculum perspectives were all covered. Highly recommended. 10/10.end quote

Canterbury Girls High School

quoteStudents were absorbed! Excellent script that was fast-paced, confronting, relevant and appropriate. Presented information the students can connect with. Supports our positive behaviour and social media policies. Actors were professional and approachable, appropriate in every way. Highly recommended. 10/10.end quote

Teachers, The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus

quoteA brilliant production...very real...unique...entertaining...eye-opening.  The message was really strong, a new take on cyberbullying, respect, privacy and safety. The way the characters were portrayed was really human. The story was well structured and interesting...I loved the mystery element. The story was deep and interesting and sooo true! I reckon it was perfect...loved it. Congratulations, you guys are really good!end quote

Students, The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus






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