• A brilliant way to give students strategies for dealing with violence and aggressive behaviour.
  • •  Bullying      •   Exclusion
    •  Resilience  •   Domestic Violence
  • $6 Per Student
    Min fee $750 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 7 to 10

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Sticks & Stones yrs 7-10
Anti-Bullying Program


Educational theatre that addresses anti-bullying in schools and provides strategies for conflict resolution and breaking the cycle of violence. 

Two energetic young performers explore the different forms of bullying in the playground, in the street and at home. It provides strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, assertiveness, and breaking the cycle of violence.

School yard scenarios are used to encourage students to have empathy and understanding: invading people’s personal space, homophobic and racist remarks, domestic violence and intimidation in person or on the internet are all illegal and have serious consequences. 

This award winning show shines a spotlight on negative patterns of behaviour that can develop through inappropriate modeling from peers, family members, TV and computer games. It examines the link between hormones, adrenalin, the “fight, flight” response and alcohol fueled violence. 

The hard hitting narrative is punctuated with circus skills to demonstrate co-operation and strategies for improving self-control through breath, focus and channelling energy into positive pursuits.     

WINNER of an Australian Violence Prevention Award. Seen and enjoyed by over 1.75 million students!

Sticks & Stones 7-10 Anti-Bullying Program Covers:

green-tick Bullying
green-tick Resilience
green-tick Respectful Relationships
green-tick Domestic Violence

green-tickDigital Citizenship
green-tickConflict Resolution
green-tickConsequences and the Law

green-tickPositive Behaviours
green-tickCommunication Skills

Teacher Testimonials

quoteMind blowing! Students 100% engaged - they said it was awesome!! Great way to address the impacts of bullying, anger and family issues. Relevant and age appropriate. Really raised awareness of domestic violence and sexual harassment and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. Young male actors were outstanding role models!!  10/10end quote Griffith HS

quoteHighly recommended! Thank you for raising the issue of domestic violence and its links to kids ‘acting out’. Students were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed it so much they wanted it to go even longer than the hour. A memorable way for students to relate to issues that will help them make positive changes in their lives. A timely addition to our Anti bullying and Welfare Programs. Thank you!!! end quote  Duval High School


Brainstorm Productions is certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

OCeSC Brandmark Primary Greyscale 


 start-quoteExplicitly addressed the entire problem! Complimented our whole school focus on Positive Behaviours! 10/10.end-quote

Ambarvale High School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Great presentation of real life issues and situations that are a big part of society today. Gave excellent strategies to deal with bullying and aggression.  Excellent conversation about domestic violence and sexual harassment. Thank you!end-quote

Gundagai HS

start-quoteSticks and Stones showed that even in adverse circumstances, choices for living a better life can be made. Highly engaging, fast moving, topical and relevant. Very professional, seamless telling of a boy’s dysfunctional development and depiction of what constitutes bullying and sexual harassment. Calm young male performers really connected with the students and delivered the message clearly and passed on ownership of the issues to the kids. Very well done!!! 10/10end-quote

Yanco Agricultural HS

start-quoteHighly recommended! Captivating! Engaging! Professional! Dealt with deep, relevant issues: sexual harassment, cyber bullying, bullying, Facebook, domestic violence.  It will make students think differently about students who bully. Big eye opener! Supports School values, Respect, Responsible Behaviours, Habits of Mind and Anti-bullying. 10/10end-quote

Bowen SS

start-quoteEntertaining, engaging, interesting, persuasive and influential. Excellent Q&A and inclusion of audience’s opinions and where to seek help. Excellent suggestions for calming down. Will help them understand how bullying starts and how to deal with it. Great information on sexual harassment and domestic violence. Supports Anti bullying, Pastoral Care, HPE policies. 10/10end-quote

Saint Margaret Mary’s College Townsville







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