• Explores the potential impact of technology on our emotional wellbeing, including cyber bullying, isolation, lack of privacy and excessive screen time.
  • • Cyber Bullying  • Mental Health
      • Digital Citizenship • Cyber Safety
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 7 to 11

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Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


Educational theatre that addresses cyber safety and cyber bullying in schools and helps improve student wellbeing and mental health.

Ruby loses her moral compass online. Anxious and struggling with impulse control, she is in danger of ruining her digital reputation. She is instantly banished to Cyberia.

Tim is in self-imposed exile. A lack of sleep and social interaction leads to mistakes, scams and misunderstandings online. He becomes isolated and withdraws into gaming.

Tim and Ruby must find their way back to retrieve their dignity, privacy and relationships.

In consultation with education and mental health experts, our creative team have woven together true stories of students' online experiences. It poses questions about how excessive and irresponsible use of technology is affecting our brains, our humanity and our future.

Cyberia Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Cyber Bullying
green-tick Digital Citizenship
green-tick Social Media
green-tick Online Privacy

green-tickMental Health
green-tickDepression & Anxiety
green-tickResponsible Use of Technology

green-tickInternet Addiction
green-tickImpulse Control
green-tickOnline Reputation
green-tickCyber Safety

Please note: this performance contains references to parental separation, anxiety, depressed mood and unsafe online interactions. Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about this content. All mental health references are followed up with relevant help-seeking information and are informed by Mindframe's guidelines for portraying mental ill-health on stage and screen. 

Teacher Testimonials

quoteTotally engrossed! A wake up call! Students could see the implications of cyber bullying, mistakes and decisions online. 10/10.end quote 

St Andrews College Marayong

quoteSensitively tackled issues of cyber safety, reputation, self perception and worth, friendships and integrity. 10/10.end quote 

Georges River College, Peakhurst

quoteStudents totally immersed! Raised awareness of cyber bullying, digital overuse, desensitisation, legal implications and the importance of face-to-face communication. 10/10.end quote 

Central Coast Grammar School




quotePowerful real-life example of the consequences of cyber bullying and overuse of gaming and devices. 10/10.end quote 

Mater Christi College

quoteHighly recommended! Without doubt the best school performance of this type I’ve seen in 30 years of teaching. Thank you! 10/10.end quote 

Willunga High School

quoteFirst class performance about bullying, respect and social justice. Audience was transfixed! 10/10.end quote 

Mackillop Catholic College

quoteBrilliantly delivered, very poignant, fast moving, focussed, excellent content. Students were captivated, engaged and responsive. 10/10end quote

Kilbreda College

quoteStudents enthralled! Highly professional, quality drama. Storyline was relevant and engaging and kept students thinking. Opened their eyes to the seriousness and dangers of cyber bullying and cyber crime. Clever storyline that covered many social/emotional issues. Actors were spot on, sharp, professional, punctual and organised. 10/10end quote

St Paul’s College, Walla Walla

quotePowerful, dynamic, appropriate, relevant, engaging, entertaining and highly educational! Great Q & A. Supports cyber bullying/harassment/anti bullying policy. Self esteem, decision making, appropriate use of technology, discrimination and consequences. 10/10end quote

St George Girls High School

quoteEngaging, entertaining, enlightening! Students were totally engrossed! Great use of performance space, props, great direction, acting and sound effects. Relevant dialogue and storyline language really resonated with the students. Supports Cyber Bullying, Digital Citizenship, Cyber Safety policies and Drama and Personal Development. 10/10end quote

Australian International Academy. 

quoteEngaging, relevant, professional! Great energetic actors! Clear messages about bullying, thinking before you act, being responsible and sensible on Face book, value of speaking to people face to face rather than on-line. Great Q & A. Excellent high quality service! Thank you. 10/10end quote 

Wangaratta High School

quoteFabulous! Sensational! Relevant and entertaining! Students were totally involved! Absolutely captured life in cyberspace. Covered bullying, hacking ,purchasing goods on-line, violence in computer games and the internet, relationships between siblings and parents, ‘coming out’. 10/10end quote 

Mooroopna Secondary College.

quoteStudents were captivated! Absolutely engaging. Informative and extremely well presented. Original, creative, clever use of sound, excellent acting. Covered the subject matter skilfully. Supports our Anti bullying, ‘Right to Feel Safe’ and ICT ‘Managing Individual Pathways’ and ‘Personal Development’ policies. 10/10end quote

Roxburgh College

quoteStudents responded positively. They were engaged and entertained. Relevant concepts. Supports our computer, internet usage policy and bullying/pastoral care policy. Performers were professional. I would definitely book this performance again!end quote

De La Salle College, Caringbah





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