• The audience is taken on an emotional journey as the lead character makes choices that will impact his future and wellbeing.
  • • Risk Taking • Mental Health  
    • Drugs • Alcohol • Student Wellbeing
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 9 to 12

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Cheap Thrills
Student Wellbeing Program


Educational theatre that looks at choices, mental health and the consequences of risk taking and substance abuse.

This fast-paced one-man show is about that split second when we reach a crossroad, make a choice, take a risk and possibly change our lives forever. It looks at the potential impact of our choices on wellbeing and mental health.

Andy and his friends binge drink, use cannabis and are confused by the hormones racing around their bodies. His girlfriend has access to MDMA and his sister takes risks on social media. This dangerous cocktail explodes into one dramatic incident that results in the loss of his mate Jamie.

The actor takes us on Andy's journey, skillfully portraying the people in his life and their individual struggles. Andy uses substances to cope with stress and anxiety, as he tries to come to terms with the choices he has made. He discovers the best decision of all is to stand up, ask for help and take responsibility for his actions.

Cheap Thrills Student Wellbeing Program Covers:

green-tickRisk Taking
green-tickSubstance Abuse
green-tickAlcohol & Drugs

green-tickSafe Partying
green-tickGrief & Loss
green-tickMental Health

green-tickStudent Wellbeing

Please Note: This performance contains references to a motor vehicle accident, loss of life, alcohol/drug use and mental health issues. Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about this content. Mental health references are followed up with relevant help-seeking information and are informed by Mindframe's guidelines for portraying mental ill-health on stage and screen. 

Teacher Testimonials

quoteBrilliant, realistic, clever, captivating! Subtly offered facts, positive choices and consequences! Great Q&A and emotional connection with the students. 10/10.end quote 

St Francis Xavier College, Florey

quoteAwesome! Unique! 100% engagement! Real life scenarios: peer pressure, decision-making, parties, risk-taking and mental health. 10/10end quote 

Whitebridge High School

quotePerfect! Entertaining, informative, relevant, very worthwhile! Highly recommended! 10/10.end quote 

Sylvania High School




quoteBest and most relevant performance I have seen for 16-17 year-old students! All of the issues are common yet rarely spoken about. The actor was outstanding and you could sense the connection with the students. 10/10.end quote 

St Michael's College, Merrimac

quoteClear, strong messages for senior students presented in an engaging way. Well-led, valuable debrief that was vital to the show and student outcomes. Supports our school welfare program. 10/10.end quote 

Pascoe Vale Girls College

quoteAnother great school theatre production with strong messages! Lots of positive feedback from the girls, they were completely engaged in the performance and the themes explored. Blake, as all Brainstorm Productions staff, was excellent! He is a talented & engaging actor, with the ability to connect quickly with the audience. He was punctual, polite, respectful and authentic - an excellent ambassador for your company. Thank you Brainstorm Productions! 10/10.end quote 

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

 quoteAmazing! Students loved it! Informative, clever, humorous and relevant. Supports our school wellbeing programs. Fantastic!end quote 

Our Lady of Mercy College, Burraneer

quoteSo impressed with Blake's performance! I strongly believe the production will help students make positive changes in their lives - especially coming from a young, talented person to whom they can look up to. Blake presented very professionally & was a positive role model. 10/10end quote

Trinity Catholic College, Lismore

quoteHighly recommended! Really powerful! Made a big impression!end quote 

Luther College

quoteEntertaining, funny, informative! Confronting and really expressed the harsh effects of drugs, alcohol and taking risks. 10/10.end quote 

Wenona School

quoteExtremely impressed. Keeping a big crowd of teenagers engaged and entertained whilst delivering an important message is no mean feat!  What an impressive performer - I myself was rapt throughout the whole show! One of my teaching subjects is Health and I thought the way the messages about risky behaviour were conveyed were brilliant. I can’t honestly praise the actor enough! Thank you and keep up the fantastic work you guys are doing!end quote

Banksia Park International School

quoteFantastic! The actor was enthusiastic, professional, engaging and passionate! Great questioning, appropriate messages and delivery of controversial issues! Brainstorm have a great balance of humour and serious issues, using student friendly language/references. Full of energy and interesting characters. Gave the students an insight into how quickly things can get out of control. Reality of it really hit home! Supports Personal Enrichment Program and drug/alcohol education policies. 10/10end quote

Billanook College

quoteBrilliant! Topical! Bright energetic performer. Good concepts and issues that students at this level (year 9) face and make decisions about i.e. consequences of risk taking. Fantastic! Keep up the good work! 10/10.end quote

Academy of Mary immaculate.

 quoteHighly engaging and informative! Students thought it was ‘enjoyable, stimulating and cool’. Superb acting!. The actor was well prepared, good student management, confidently led the discussion and related well. Used humour to his advantage. He was outstanding and met all our expectations. He was phenomenal at drawing out the key ideas of risk taking and consequences. It was clear he wanted the message to hit home. Supports our PDHPE, Pastoral Care, Student safety and Wellbeing policies. 10/10end quote

Broughton Anglican College

quoteFantastic, funny, clever, up to date, professional and well organised. 10/10!end quote

Newcomb Secondary College

quoteShort, sharp and to the point, good to see how you can make positive decisions and go against poor choices others may be making. Also dealt with effects of depression. Highly recommended!end quote

Beechworth Secondary College





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