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About Brainstorm Productions

Brainstorm Productions Vision Statement and Anti-Bullying Commitment:

Brainstorm Productions is proud to tour live, innovative, interactive educational theatre that brings about positive social change through a range of bullying programs, cyber safety programs, positive behaviour programs, resilience programs and mental health programs for schools. We tackle bullying in school, cyber bullying, cyber safety, violence, prejudice, under-age drinking, binge drinking, teenage drug abuse, youth depression, eating disorders, family separation, values, ethics and discrimination.

Through our range of award-winning educational theatre programs, our aim is to:

  • Empower students with real-life strategies to help enhance their mental health, resilience and wellbeing
  • Reduce the incidence of bullying, cyber bullying and aggressive behaviour in schools
  • Help students understand the importance of developing respectful relationships at school, at home and online
  • Provide teachers with a range of unique student wellbeing resources and pastoral care activities, to enhance existing anti-bullying, wellbeing and cyber safety programs
  • Help students develop a greater understanding of cyber safety and digital citizenship
  • Provide bystanders of bullying and aggressive behaviour with the tools and confidence to support their friends and peers
  • Engage students in live, interactive theatre, using authentic real-world youth experiences, that are designed to help develop student self-awareness and empathy for others
  • Use young professional actors as role models to inspire a new generation to participate in and appreciate the arts

We are committed to reducing bullying in schools and encouraging positive student behaviours by incorporating sound educational principles with a creative, entertaining, engaging and action packed theatrical experience. Our live in-school performances have been created to leave a lasting impression and challenge even the most cynical students to examine their patterns of behaviour.

We are ethical, independent, inclusive and affordable. This is why 99.7% of teachers recommend Brainstorm Productions*. Click here to BOOK NOW.

Meet our current team of actors: Click here

*Of the 1200 feedback forms received from January to June - 99.7% of teachers said that they would recommend Brainstorm Productions to other schoools


Brainstorm Productions is one of the largest and most respected educational theatre companies in Australia, entertaining over 350,000 students every year for over 30 years.

We are the proud winners of:

  • 'Best School Bullying Prevention Project' by The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association’s STAAR Awards
  • ‘Award for Excellence for Performances in Schools’ from NSW Department of Education and Training (winner for 10 consecutive years)
  • ‘Australian Violence Prevention Award’ from The Department of Criminology
  • 'PINS Award for Excellence' from Performers in Schools (winner for 6 consecutive years)

We receive hundreds of heart-warming messages from children and teachers across Australia.

To read what schools are saying about Brainstorm Productions, click here.

Charities Brainstorm supports

Brainstorm Productions is also a member of Green Fleet.



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Certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.


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Official R U OK? School Partner.

Click here or on the above RUOK? logo to learn more.


  Stay Smart Online - Proud Partner LR

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Proud partners of Stay Smart Online and Privacy Awareness Week.



Channel 10 Documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’

Brainstorm Productions dedication to anti-bullying in schools was recognised in the Channel 10 documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’ to coincide with the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Here is an excerpt from the documentary, including interviews with teachers and students about how Brainstorm Productions provides schools with real-life strategies to help students stand together against bullying.










Mamamia - Australia's Largest Online Women's Magazine

Click here to read Mamamia article '24/7 Cyber bullying: Cruel, relentless and with absolutely no escape for kids' featuring Brainstorm Productions. 

Crisis Helplines

Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by phoning Lifeline 13 11 14; Kids Helpline 1800 551 800; Suicide Call Back Service - 24/7 Helpline 1300 659 467.

If you or someone you know requires immediate assistance, then please call either Emergency Services (000) or Lifeline (13 11 14). 

Creative Team: 

  • Writer and Artistic Director. Jennifer Johnson has over 30 years’ experience in the arts and at all levels of education including Southern Cross University.
  • Musical Director and Composer. Sean Peter has worked with many of Australia’s leading arts companies including:
    • ABC
    • The Sydney Theatre company
    • Company B
    • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Nickelodeon
    • Disney Channel
    • Music Theatre Productions ‘Hairspray’, ‘Fame’ and ‘King Kong’

  • Mental Health Consultant. Dr Ameika Johnson is a registered clinical psychologist. She holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Master of Science from the University of Sydney, with research publications in the areas of child and adolescent emotional wellbeing and antisocial behaviour.

  • Choreographer and Movement Coach. Matthew Wells is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney and Jacque Lecoq International School for Theatre Arts in Paris.

  • Guest Creative Talents. Brainstorm has also incorporated the creative talents of Bryan Moses, Neridah Waters, Andrew Cory,  Alethea Jones and many other arts and educational theatre professionals.

  • Administrative Team. Our specialist team are responsible for training all our actors in every facet of WH&S, Codes of Conduct in Schools and ensuring all actors are screened to work with children. The team is also on hand to help make the booking process simple, efficient and stress free for teachers and school administration staff.

    • Kas Curtis - Bookings Manager
    • James Grant - Fleet & Stage Manager
    • Tamara MacRae - Accounts Officer
    • Joceyn Perritt - Tour Coordinator
    • Peter Sainsbury - Human Resource Manager


We’re here to help! To make a booking or talk to one of our friendly team please click here or free call 1800 676 224.

Meet the Actors

We take great delight in casting and directing talented young actors, who become great role models for children across Australia.

Jack McGirr greyscaleJack: Being Brave + Verbal Combat

I pursued acting at high school just to be with my girlfriend at the time, and it suddenly became my career. Over the last year I've performed for TV, Independant Features and even toured Australia in an ABBA tribute band. I love the flexibility of an acting career and focus on dance and saxophone whenever time allows. 

I was really influenced by seeing a Brainstorm show in high school so I’m very excited to take part in sharing the valuable lessons these shows teach to students all over Australia.

Brook McElligott greyscaleBrooke: Being Brave + Verbal Combat

I'm a Brisbane based performer and recent graduate from the QLD Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Musical Theatre (2015).

I could not be more thrilled to be touring with Brainstorm in 2017 and be a part of a production company aimed at enhancing our youngsters lives!

Outside of performing you'll most likely find me obsessing over other people's dogs, through videos shared on social media or random visits to the local dog park. I am also very happy to take anyone's dog for a walk at very little notice... No one is yet to take me up on that offer but I'm hopeful for the future.  

Adam Di Martino greyscaleAdam: The Human Race + Verbal Combat

I'm 21 years of age and I'm very excited to be a part of the Brainstorm team! I have been singing since the age if 9, and acting and dancing quickly followed. In 2015 I graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre), and have had a busy 2016 performing in 2 musicals and 1 ballet!

When I'm not performing in shows, I like to play with my dogs, hang out with my friends and family and play music!

Rachel Jackett greyscaleRachel: The Human Race + Verbal Combat

Travelling the country and helping to shape the lives of our young people? Yes please! Each day brings new adventures, new faces, and a whole lot of fun! This year I'm going to challenge myself to obtain a PhD in car-packing (I already have a Masters), and buy a smaller guitar to make this more achievable. 

I enjoy visiting different countries, playing music, and making up games to play while travelling. For example: how many different ways can you say "gherkin?"

Myles Waddell GreyscaleMyles: Sticks & Stones Jnr + Snr

Hi I’m Myles Waddell, I am currently based in Sydney, however I grew up and studied acting in Toowoomba, Queensland. I love watching sport, going to live music and watching movies. 

Fun Fact: My first acting role was playing baby Jesus in the Nativity Scene at my sister's kindergarten - apparently I didn't cry, so mum "knew I'd be an actor."  

I am so excited to be a part of this award-winning company and to spread such an important and relevant message to  children across Australia.

Michael Yore greyscale 2Michael: Sticks & Stones Jnr + Snr

I've been performing in theatre for over ten years.  I also play music, take photos, and direct plays. 

My goal in life is to be a well respected director and actor. 

I'm excited to tour for Brainstorm, so I can see parts of the country I’ve never been to  before, learn to juggle, ride a unicycle and get kids talking about ways to stop violence and bullying!

Brainstorm productions SamSam: Cheap Thrills

When I'm not acting, I'm dancing; when I'm not dancing, I'm singing. And when I'm not doing any of those things, it's usually because I'm exhausted from doing too much of all of them. My passion for performing comes from the three great teachers in my life: a clown, a choreographer, and a cabaret artist.

Now, working for Brainstorm, I can put all my great loves together! And all while travelling to places I've never been before! If someone had told me when I was in high school that I'd be doing this in a few years time, I'd have looked for the fast-forward button.  

Lisa Huynh GreyscaleLisa: The H Team + Cyberia

"Luckily for me, while I was travelling and experiencing lots of different cultures, I realised I wanted to make my living sharing stories and inspiring others. And thus, my acting career began.  

I am fond of food (particularly cheeses, burgers and gelato), and I'm on a quest to discover the best burger in Sydney. 

I'm beyond excited to be touring with Brainstorm in 2017 so I can  perform fun and energetic productions that have a meaningful impact everyday."

Brainstorm productions DanDan: Verbal Combat

It seems I spend most of my life away from home. Though for me, nothing beats touring Australia and I always look forward to coming back to the long beaches and baking heat of the Gold Coast.

"I've had some of the most amazing adventures roaming Australia with Brainstorm Productions. From hidden waterfalls to a sheep tsunami; there's been festivals, superheroes, endless plains of red dirt, a sword fight with a pirate and an overly affectionate stingray. Plus some of the best mates I've ever met."

Jack Saunders greyscaleJack: The Magic Words + The Hurting Game

Born in Brisbane, I have been involved in theatre and performance since the age of 12, training in all aspects of the performing arts. I recently graduated from the Arts Academy - Federation University Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre). 

"I love my footy (go the Hawks!), reading biographies and catching up with mates. 

I'm stoked to be touring Melbourne, Canberra and Tasmania this year - it's such an honour to be working for Brainstorm in 2017."

Emily Thompson greyscaleEmily: The Magic Words + The Hurting Game

"I'm 22 years of age and originally from Thirroul, NSW. For the past 3 years I have been studying in Melbourne at the Victorian College of the Arts and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre.

I love to sing, dance and act. I also love hanging with friends, going out for brunch or to the beach and doing yoga in my spare time. 

By being a part of Brainstorm, gives me the chance to perform for a living and the opportunity to make a huge positive impact on hundreds of young children along the way."

Lauren Marshall greyscaleLauren: Verbal Combat

I just recently graduated from Federation University of Australia, Arts Academy – with a Bachelor of Arts, Music Theatre. Originally from Sydney, I have now relocated and call Melbourne home. 

When I’m not performing, I enjoy reading autobiographies, going to the beach and occasionally getting hooked on a television series. My current obsession… criminal minds.  I am very excited to be touring with Brainstorm Productions this year and look forward to sharing these fantastic shows with schools across Australia. 


Stephanie Adams

Stephanie: Cyberia + Wired

I moved from New Zealand in 2013 to study Music Theatre at Federation University in Ballarat in the graduating class of 2015. Performed in “Smash Hit”  “Urinetown” “Thoroughly Modern Millie”  "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and  wrote and performed my own cabaret “Gingernuts!” which had successful seasons in both Ballarat and Melbourne.

I’m particularly invested in the development, nurturing and inspiration of young talent. 

Aside from musical theatre I’m passionate about tea, coffee, good food, cats and living in and travelling around Australia. Touring with Brainstorm in 2017 will allow me to combine my love of performing, travelling and inspiring young people.


Lachlan Stuart

Lachlan: Cyberia + Wired

I Graduated from Southbank Institute of Technology with an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting) in 2015. Since then, I have been working in both theatre and film.

The idea of travelling from place to place to perform to a live audience has always fascinated me. It validates the work and highlights the importance of the story being told.

The writing of the two plays that I will be touring is not only beautiful but it brings with it an important message.  

I’ve always had a passion for performing and to be a part of the Brainstorm Productions 2017 Team is a dream come true.


Tom: The H Team + Cyberia

Hi! I'm Tom. I'm a Sydney based actor lucky enough to be working with the Brainstorm team in 2017.

I caught the creative bug early when I was asked to play Pirate #2 in my primary school end of year concert. Fortunately I’ve had a few better roles since then, and just completed a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) at the Australian Institute of Music.

I love reading, singing, playing the piano (badly) and I will – on occasion, begrudgingly – go to the gym.

I am incredibly excited to be touring with Brainstorm Productions in 2017 – spreading good vibes and understanding. 

Blake 2017Blake: Verbal Combat

Hi, I'm 21 years young, an Actor, Kids Entertainer, and Theatre Maker. I'm an adventurous soul with the intent to learn and explore the world around me. I love stories and playing make believe for a living.  

I believe an essential part of a young person's development, and something that remains valuable for anyone, is the power to understand ourselves and each other.

In 2016 I loved giving as many children as possible the confidence to be themselves, and the integrity to be kind and fair to others.

The ability to use the magic of theatre to connect and engage with young people is an absolute privilege and I'm so grateful to be a part of the Brainstorm Team again in 2017!

Conor 2017Conor: Sticks & Stones Jnr + Snr

As a teacher I have been able to witness the tremendous growth that students are capable of in a short period of time. 

With brainstorm I am able to utilise another way to have an impact on their lives and assist their development of positive relationships.  

 Outside of this I am a big fan of annoying those around me by constantly singing, wasting time on video games and playing any sport I get time for when not doing those!


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